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  1. We got one of these halters. It virtually eliminated the pulling. Now, we just need to work on staying to the left, even when there are interesting smells to the right. He has a bad habit of trotting along on the left (where he's supposed to be), then occasionally cutting across in front of me to smell something on the right side of the sidewalk. He has nearly tripped me a few times. I can't take him up into the mountain trails until I can trust him not to knock me into a cholla. I hope you can see some improvement. Walking the dog should be fun, right?
  2. Thanks for the ideas, girls! I will check Old Navy, Target, and Kohl's later. I think what I need is a tank top rather than a camisole.
  3. If you're moderately to very busty, and you wear camisoles to provide a little modesty sometimes under necklines that show too much cleavage, where do you find your camisoles? I have some camisoles, but they don't really cover enough. I just got some cute scoop-neck t-shirts on clearance, but when I bend over, there's a little too much cleavage for my taste. (For casual daytime wear, anyway. On a date with dh, I might not mind.) So I'd like a camisole that comes up higher, to wear underneath and add a dash of color. (The tees are black and charcoal.) Any tips?
  4. I have a friend who is raising rabbits now. (It's a little weird, because I have two house rabbits, and used to work for a rabbit rescue.) They've already let their daughter keep one as a pet. I'm not sure how things will go when it's time to "process" them.
  5. The past couple of days, our new dog has had some mild sneezing, and a little bit of clear discharge from his nose. It's minor, and he's still acting normal. I called the vet, and they said I can just keep an eye on him for a couple more days. From looking online, it seems like it could be allergies. He's also biting his feet. Any info that might help?
  6. I'd expect to buy it, but if the cashier offered to replace it, I'd gratefully accept. Recently, I made the mistake of taking my new "puppy" (18-month-old golden retriever) to the pet store to get him a couple toys. He was extremely excited and peed on two "puppy blankets" on an endcap. (They're nice, small fleecy blankets with soft ribs on one side and "sheepskin" on the other.) I did take them to the register and buy them. (I also cleaned up the rest of the mess; thankfully the store has a "sanitation station" for such events. The silly dog loves those blankets; he carries them around and plays with them. (I'm glad they were machine washable!) :-) So although I wasn't planning on the expense, it turns out we can use them after all.
  7. Glad to hear it! We have a Roku, but when it needs to be replaced, I'll be getting an AppleTV. We watch stuff online a lot, and it would be wonderful to get rid of the HDMI cable.
  8. When you have a canker sore, remember - vinaigrette contains VINEGAR.
  9. We need new family room furniture badly. We love the look of leather. We also now have a large dog (golden retriever). I don't know if leather will get scratched. But I know that stains will be a problem on fabric. What do you have? What do you recommend? Wendi
  10. ã™ã”ã„ï¼I'm like a Japanese woman. I'm working really hard to slim down (lifting weights, doing cardio, watching my calories), so it surprised me that I am leaner than 86% of women my age in the U.S. Wendi
  11. I assumed Edith would eventually end up with the long-lost cousin with amnesia who didn't die on the Titanic. (And that sentence right there proves that "soap opera" is the right term for this show!)
  12. I'm being lazy this evening! We're having breaded cod filets and Caesar salad from Trader Joe's.
  13. So cute!! How much does he weigh? He looks so big!
  14. We are really enjoying him. Once he settles in, and learns some more house manners, he's going to be a great dog. He's so sweet. He's laying by my feet right now.
  15. His ball is in my son's hand. He is obsessed with his Kong squeaker balls.
  16. He's 18 months old, and still very much a puppy. He's loving all the attention, playtime, walks, and belly rubs. He's just adorable. He needs a lot of training, but he's smart, and sweet. http://
  17. Ugh. Completely wrong. She's blonde, sexy, and confident. Not Anne!
  18. We do have a crate. This afternoon, he was getting wound up and I put him in the crate. He laid down and was quiet and calm. He is starting to respond to "sit", and walking on the leash is getting better every walk. He was good at the vet today.
  19. The foster dog arrived yesterday. We knew he'd been spending a lot of time outside, but we didn't know how untrained and nervous he'd be. Apparently he's been in the backyard for months, only brought in on very cold nights. He's 18 months old. Considering all that, he's doing pretty well! But he jumps on us and has trouble settling down. He is trying to be good, but he's so excited and starved for attention! My son is not happy; I admit it can be overwhelming at times. But it's only been a day. Any places to look for some training advice?
  20. Wendi

    It's a boy!

    My son has decided he doesn't like the name Angus. Any suggestions? I suggested Mr. Darcy, but I don't think that'll go over with dh and ds. I'm outnumbered!
  21. Wendi

    It's a boy!

    He's coming tomorrow morning!
  22. Wendi

    It's a boy!

    We're still discussing names. Got any ideas? My favorites so far: Waffle Einstein Angus Ewan
  23. Wendi

    It's a boy!

    I've heard of kongs; you can put treats inside them, too, right?
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