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  1. Very strange. I can understand how you feel. Before we had ds, I had two miscarriages. Because of some of the circumstances, my doctor sent me to a perinatologist for a bunch of tests. During this period of testing before I got the go-ahead to get pregnant again, I had a very vivid dream that I was holding a baby and people were saying how cute the baby was, but I kept saying, you don't understand! The baby is dead! Then I looked down and the baby opened his/her eyes and was fine. Then when we got pregnant with ds, we had a number of signs at the beginning that I was going to miscarry again. Then we went in for an appt. with the doctor, really just hoping I wouldn't need a D&C, and to everyone's surprise, including the doctor, the baby was fine! And now he's 16. So I kind of thought that dream was a message. But that's never happened again.
  2. Lots of restaurants that have patios allow pets outside, so I'm guessing there is an exemption for outside pets.
  3. I love Fiestaware! I have a rainbow of colors. I'm really happy with them. Wendi
  4. It can still be over 100 degrees here at 8:30pm. I live on the surface of the sun, I mean Arizona. Our nighttime lows are upper 80s, low 90s in the hottest part of the summer. Brr!
  5. There's also a sweet film about a chorus teacher at a boys' school. I think it may have been called "The Chorus". It used to be on Netflix with subtitles.
  6. There's a pretty good movie called "Au Revoir, Les Enfants" (I'm pretty sure). Sad in parts, but touching. Also, "Babette's Feast" is wonderful, and at least partly in French, isn't it?
  7. I forgot to put the raw chicken in the fridge right away when I got home from the store. It was less than 45 min. from when I left the store to when I put it away. Okay, right? It wasn't in the cart for long, either. It was a speedy trip to grab just a few things.
  8. I think it's a bigger problem when you have small shoulders and ribcage, but larger b00ks. That's the problem for me. If it's big enough not to be tight across the chest, the armholes are often cut too big. I only have a couple of sleeveless tops that I can wear without a camisole or tank top underneath. Which is annoying because when it's 118 degrees out, a sleeveless top can be very comfy.
  9. I just saw a bunch of cute (long sleeve) button down shirts at Target, and Old Navy has them, too. I agree that the juniors section is likely to have less o the modest, classic styles. Did you not find anything at Sears or JCPenney? Another idea is to check out websites that carry retro styles, which are often modest. Like www.modcloth.com, www.shopruche.com, and www.downeastbasics.com. HTH.
  10. Ideally, I suppose, the destination should have a mix of sightseeing and relaxing. I know if we go to Europe, it'll be hard to relax, because there will be so many things to see that we likely would never have a chance to see again. So we'd do a lot more sightseeing than just relaxing. I think that'd be okay, because like I said, we go to the beach in southern California every summer, so we do get to lay around on the beach. We also go up to the mountains in the winter, and at various times of the year to hike. So I'm leaning toward someplace once-in-a-lifetime. I'd love to go to Asia or Africa, but both of those would be even more expensive, and probably not my dh's first choice. (He'd love the places I listed above, though.) I have a hard time making a decision, because I am one of those people who wants to travel basically everywhere! I just love seeing new places, experiencing new things, history, natural beauty, all of it. I'm interested in how people live in different places.
  11. Most of our vacations are of the relaxing type - beach or mountains. We've never been to Europe. We're both interested in history and would love to go to Europe. I know it wouldn't be the same as lounging on a beautiful beach for a week, though! (But we usually go to southern California to the beach every summer, so it's not like we'd never get to do that.
  12. Our 25th anniversary will be in three years. I was just thinking that, if we're going to do something really special, we need to start saving NOW. Where would you go for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic trip? Would you pick a famous spot, or a place that's more special to you and your husband? My thoughts so far: UK (would love to see England, and I'm part Scottish and long to visit there as well) Prince Edward Island (beautiful, and again my heritage) Italy/Sicily (beautiful, historic, and dh is half Sicilian) Hawaii (many people have raved about it!) Costa Rica (beautiful, dh loves surfing and this is a popular spot for it) Any ideas for me? I figure we need to have some ideas where we'd like to go, and what it will cost, so we can save up for it.
  13. We have our own pool (and spa). I like being able to relax without dealing with strangers, noisy kids, etc. Of course, my dh takes care of the pool, so I'm spoiled. I get to enjoy it while doing almost no maintenance! We like grilling and eating outside by the pool in summer, and having friends over for pool party/cookouts.
  14. The San Diego area has perfect weather. We go every summer to one of the little beach towns north of SD.
  15. It does get colder than 30 there, though. Daytime highs won't be below 30, but it will get below 30 at night in winter. We go up there every winter to go sledding and skiing.
  16. I'm sure she has lots of other things to say that balance out this one blog post, but the premise really bugs me. Say it's true that men feel happier, closer to their wives, more interested in doing things with their families, etc., when they're having the amount of sex they want. But that doesn't mean that if they're not getting the sex they want, they are justified in being unhappy, less loving to their wives, avoiding doing things with their families, etc. Feelings don't determine how we act. Now, the husband should definitely talk to his wife about his needs, but if either partner gets hung up on how they're not getting their needs met, so they don't feel like putting forth the effort in other areas to make a strong, happy marriage and family, that's a recipe for trouble. Withholding sex, affection, attention, intimacy, time with the family, because you're not getting what you want is wrong.
  17. For me, by the time my period is due, I'm walking around feeling like I've been shot with a tranquilizer dart. This lasted at least through the first trimester, as I recall.
  18. I met Wayne years ago. His brother is my dh's good friend. Wayne's a sweet guy.
  19. Interesting. We have a Sikh temple a couple miles from our house, and I do see Sikh people out and about, but I've never noticed a lady with facial hair, so I didn't know that about their faith. The young lady in the picture responded very graciously, and it was good to see the person who posted was open enough to learn and respond to her well.
  20. Even if the French all parent differently than all Americans, and there is a different rate of ADHD in the two countries, correlation is not causation. I just think the article is flimsy.
  21. My thoughts: Diagnosis rate does not equal prevalence rate. If the French put a stricter definition on ADHD, as stated in the article, then we can reasonably expect that fewer people will be diagnosed. Also, it's possible other factors come into play, such as societal stigma (if it's a problem with the child's emotional/social context, then parents may be embarrassed to seek diagnosis). If more people hear of successful treatment (in the U.S.), then more people will seek diagnosis/treatment, and at an earlier age. So there are lots of reasons those rates can differ. There is no data given about the outcome of treatment in either country, just that it differs. There is no one American way to parent, and no one French way. The article implies poor American parenting is resulting in frequent ADHD, while superior French parenting results in almost no ADHD. However, again, diagnosis and prevalence is not the same thing. Are there undiagnosed French children and adults struggling to cope in other ways, never being diagnosed? We have no way of knowing. Why might only one child in a family have ADHD, either here or in France, if parenting is the cause?
  22. Can't wait to watch it! I love Jane Austen. I was in a production of "Emma" a couple of years ago, and loved learning the English country dancing for the ball scene. There is a historical group in town that does a Pride and Prejudice Ball every year, but I haven't been able to talk dh into going; this year I will go with some other ladies.
  23. I asked my 16-year-old. He paused, then asked, "Is this a riddle?" Wendi
  24. I'm glad to hear they're delicious! I had some delivered to my mom this year. They arrived this morning. Wendi
  25. I hope everything is handled well by the police. My friend was flashed by a guy in a parking lot and reported it to he police, who said it was a good thing she reported it, because this kind of behavior almost always escalates.
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