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  1. I have one who delights in tormenting me. But I know he adores me too. And... well..... I don't really get it either, except I think he loves having POWER over his mama. I am am working on keeping my cool. I am trying to chuckle at his antics and hoping they diminish when they get less of a negative reaction.
  2. Is there a similar assessment for FLL? I would love to have that info too! Thanks again!
  3. Ours is 3RAcademy. All three of our student's names start with an R!
  4. Thank you all for the wonderful advice. We are going to start with the assessments for today's language arts:)!
  5. My dd is starting 4th grade tomorrow (and no I am not ready)! She hasn't had any formal writing experience, but she reads above her grade level. Should I just go ahead and try level 3 or 4? Are there any sort of assessments available? Do I need the text and the workbook? In the sample of the workbook it seems like there are directions for the instructions. Ack! I am so overwhelmed.
  6. Susan, I see what wapiti means about the font size. Although it looks great on my screen, when printed it was TINY. This curriculum looks wonderful, aside from the tiny-ness of the print! I printed it out to let my DD try the first exercise. I imagine she will want to read all the books after enjoying the excerpts! Thanks, and thanks also because this board is such a blessing! Shari
  7. Amy! Thanks, I appreciate your input. (I should have said that before!) I keep re-reading all these posts and mulling it all over. I assume that we wouldn't be ready for ALL or WWS. It took me some time to figure out what they were! Didn't there used to be a decoder around here for all these acronyms? I could have sworn there was, but I couldn't find it! I am going to take another look at FLL and WWE too. Anyone have experience with Shurley English? I like that is has both Grammar and Writing... and jingles =).
  8. any suggestions for English Grammar?
  9. Hello All, We are just starting to educate classically with the help of CC Foundations this year and although my daughter is nine, we opted not to start CC Essentials until next year, as a 5th grader. However, I want to be sure that we are preparing adequately for the Essentials. I have been advised to worry more about writing than diagramming. I confess we haven't done much formal writing at all. And we've only done a very laid back English Grammar program. We are considering doing IEW Student Writing Intensive A, which would be a big splurge, but sounds wonderful, however it doesn't include English grammar. Or we are considering Shurley English (3?) in it's stead. Those are the faves at the moment. Also thought a bit about FLL and WWE. Is Outlining a skill they need for essentials? I was told not to worry about diagramming before then, but to focus on writing. Do you have any advice on preparing for entering Classical Conversations Essentials as a 5th grader? Thanks! Shari
  10. I was just wondering what little ones favorite building sets and educational games are. Legos? Magnetix? I have no clue on pre-reader educational games. I am sick of Candy Land! I have DD2 and DD4 (5 in march) and DS7. I really want to find some things that would work for keeping tthe boys working quietly while reading aloud. And for playing together as a family. Thanks for your ideas! Shari
  11. They do like to sing, but not if the CD is annoying!! I just keep thinking of the Awana Sparks scripture cd --- oh the annoying fake sounding children's voices, and the not so catchy tunes.:crying: Whereas the kids singing on the Steve Green's Hide em in Your Heart are really enjoyable --and the songs catchy. My kids just start singing them at random! Anyone tried the Math-U-See sing-a-long with their little ones?
  12. Thanks all! I can't believe I missed the placement tests link. We will take care of that when she gets home today. =) And sounds like we will just need one set of blocks for starters. One more question- anyone try the Skip and Count CD useful? I have 2 preschoolers too.
  13. Hello, My daughter is in 2nd grade and I'm about to take her out (Nov 1). I really want to be ready to start working on Math and making it fun. I believe that Math U See would be a good fit. Although she has a grade of "excellent" in math, I am really don't think she has a firm understanding. I am not sure what I need to buy. 1. Which level would she need? Should I just start from the very beginning with the Primer? (I have a Pre-K guy too and will be ready for that stuff before long!) I can't seem to find anything on their site to help me in selecting (tell me if it's there--I can be blind as a bat). 2. Do I need the 'completer set" of blocks from the get go? I also saw where they are coming out with fancier books! I wonder if the price is going to shoot waaaaay up. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!! Shari
  14. Was this the same day you took your child out?
  15. Thanks so much for all the input! I have been reading a lot and FINALLY my 10 top picks book arrived! To my dismay MFW is not in there, and that is the one I have begun leaning toward. Basically I like the idea of reading real books and historical novels. I think I may have romanticized this whole homeschooling thing! I like to picture myself curled up reading with my little girl and wildmen, peaceful and attentive... or maybe coloring on the coffee table. =) I am having trouble pinpointing my kids learning styles... they all seem awfully wiggly. My daughter (7) loves to do projects (she is always cutting and taping and gluing) and my 4year old likes to do puzzles and wants to finish them, but doesn't last long on pre-k work sheets. I am trying to decide if I should go ahead and pull her out of school now and just start trying some things: sheldon's primary language lessons, the last 20 days of abeka's first grade math someone gave me (it's ahead of anything she did so far and maybe a spelling/phonics workbook ) math to see how it goes before I settle on what to purchase, and some library selections and a read aloud. I purchases a purposeful design spelling, and our nation under God at Mardel but haven't decided to keep them. If I go with Adventures in MFW, there is no reason to keep the history book. Is it better to wait and have a curriculum in place so I appear to know what I am doing? hahaha I am so torn! I am eager to get at it, afraid to fail (the clutter I wanted to conquer before I started is already reappearing). I am not an organized person. I am bright but I can be scatterbrained. Will MFW be too much for me? Can I take it slow and plan to use it across 2nd and 3rd grade since I am starting mid year? And I am afraid she is behind on math and Language Arts anyway. I could throw in Oklahoma History too. 100 Top Picks did make it sound like MFW is the type of curriculum I am looking for --I scored sort of evenly across unit studies, Charlotte Mason, eclectic with classical right behind. I picked up the The Well Trained Mind at the library today too! I really appreciate all the help I have gotten from this forum on working through all this! You are terrific! I would appreciate any input-- I think I asked a zillion questions....have I mentioned I am prone to exaggeration? Thanks again! Goodnight!
  16. I know in our state (OK) it's my right to withdraw, but I was wondering what you recommend. Should give the school notice? Should I hand deliver the letter to the superintendent? We have a teacher conference scheduled next Thursday. Should I let her know then? I am sure my dd has been talking about homeschooling. She is in 2nd grade. No rush on pullling her out because I haven't even ordered a curriculum, but we do have things we can start working on.
  17. What is HOD? I didn't find it on my abbreviation cheat sheet! http://www.welltrainedmind.com/board-abbreviations/
  18. Thanks everyone for a all the food for thought! Great suggestions... I ordered Cathy Duffy's Top 100 last night. My local small town library has nary a home school book! I am hoping to make it to the OKC library soon to check out The Well-Trained Mind. I have also been benefitting from other post like the 2nd grade grammar question. I already love this board. =) I love the link to free stuff too! If I don't pick a main curriculum I might try sheldon for grammar and do some handwriting without tears, backyard science....and ??? Math for the second half of this year. =). Thanks again! Feel free to keep it coming! :001_smile:
  19. Hello! I have decided to home school! My daughter is currently in 2nd grade. I am planning to pull her out at Semester break, and am trying to get organized and figure out how we are going to do this! She has little brothers 4 and 2. There are so many resources it is overwhelming. Browsing this board is even overwhelming. But I want to know what real people think! I would like a curriculum with a Christian World view. Funds are tight... but this is important. I have been reading the Big Book of Home Learning and browsing on line to try to get a feel of what is the best way to go with kids this young. My 7 yr old daughter is not gung ho about the switch-- but the thought of learning cursive now is an incentive! Any thoughts for a first timer, who is trying to conquer her own clutter/disorganization. Thanks! Shari
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