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  1. Honestly, the best idea I have is a big pile of dirt. If it is nice outside, shovels and water. Playing in mud is so much fun. Digging canals in dirt for water to go through is so much fun. Making mud pies is great fun. You can even throw in some old spices from your spice cabinet for extra authenticity. If it is not nice enough outside for water, then dig for treasure. If inside is the only option....rotate the toys. Good luck!
  2. We got rid of them by vacuuming every single day for a month, and making sure all animals had flea medicine. Slightly irritating, but way better than a flea bomb.
  3. How old is this child?
  4. Hugs. It's so hard to not have guilt. You just have to remind yourself that you are doing the best you can for everyone. And, by everyone, please remember to take care of yourself sometimes, also. I love the Ipad at the Dr. idea with google doc notes. In fact you can have a google doc with any caregivers also. This can keep you and your brother up to date on everything that is going on. Google Docs saves automatically and sends to everyone. Amazon Subscribe and Save that ships monthly to their house automatically, Same thing for groceries. There are plenty of grocery delivery companies now. What about Meals on Wheels would that be helpful? Sometimes life is hard and it is difficult to make decisions. You just have to get through it and it will get easier eventually. Work hard to be easy on yourself.
  5. I can't speak to your exact position..... But, I do want you to know that I have had the exact same flipper for 16 years. It is for the front bottom tooth and looks completely natural. It took a few weeks to get used to, but now it's just a part of me. I eat with it in and just take it out twice a day to brush it. I plan on having it for another few decades too. So, I just wanted to let you know that a flipper can be a low cost solution and last for a long time. Good luck with your decision!
  6. We paid about $650 for ours. They make all kinds of fancy chairs that cost thousands but we are happy with ours. Just a few things to think about. We got vinyl. Older people tend to have urine accidents. Even if she is fine now, you want something easy to clean for later. Ours has a simple up/down. No other buttons. MIL has dementia and she would get confused if it had more buttons. Ours works great. The medical supply store delivered it for us and plugged it in. Works great
  7. I lean more to free range parenting. I would practice walking with the girls this summer. Many times so you can see how they handle everything. It they are doing a great job, next summer let them go themselves. I do not think that a nine/ten year old needs to be responsible for a younger sibling on these outings. For me taking the youngest sibling to the park would be a big no. That is just too much responsibility for your oldest.
  8. I've had two children who had their wisdom teeth removed without any problems. But, also, my MIL never had her wisdom teeth removed. This year she had a wisdom tooth emergency where one had erupted. It had actually split in two and felt like a knife in her mouth. She could barely swallow because of the pain. She was on narcotics before the removal because of the pain, but sailed through and didn't take a single pain pill after. It made me glad we did the preventative removal. We got to see first hand what wisdom teeth could do when coming in later in life.
  9. Hello Fresh or similar service would be too hard for my MIL. I do try to cook for her sometimes, but, When she eats on her own she eats: pre-packages salads with everything included on them. They have some nice ones in the refrigerated section Nice canned soups Tuna sandwiches Steam in the microwave veggies with sauce already on the veggies Microwave popcorn chicken Nice TV dinners Oatmeal - the prepackaged regular kind...no measuring. No sugars. Blueberries and strawberries which aren't too bad for diabetics Precooked bacon or sausage to eat with eggs. Also, when I'm there sometimes I make her some hard-boiled eggs which she likes to snack on and last for a long time in the fridge. Cereal They also have a pasta salad deli bar at our grocery that she likes, and sometimes she buys fried or rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Cheese and crackers Hope this helps some
  10. City Museum in St Louis. My kids all loved it. You just can't take describe it, and can't really find another one anywhere else.
  11. I would try to find a younger person he knows that might find joy in these Legos. Then, you could feel that it is going to someone who has joy with them instead of just boxing them up.
  12. All of my kids are authorized signers on my credit card and they also have a debit card for their own expenses. If you have a trustworthy kid I think this is great! They buy stuff for me with my money. They use their debit card for stuff they want. This works perfectly for us.
  13. This kitty sound young! That is exactly what young kitties do. I think there are three options 1) grin and bear it. Kitty will grow up one day. 2) do not let kitty sleep with you and provide toys they might play with at night 3) get another young kitty to play with. Kitties all grow up and it won't be long before this kitty will sleep.
  14. Some cats are really hard to introduce. While most cats can take two weeks to a month to integrate into a house, I did have a cat that took about four months. And, then, it was just tolerating each other, with an occasional spat. I did find that a cat tree helped. Vertical space was important for them both to be in the same room. I'm really sorry. It would be much nicer if they could just get along. Just realize there is still hope. Also, I would put some double sided tape on that doorknob. New kitty seems quite michevious. New kitty will probably hate that stickiness and might try to stop opening the door. Time and patience.
  15. I would contain the kitten in room like the bathroom until he gets it..... It shouldn't take too long..... Then, make sure all the clothes are put away, and make certain he has easy access to a litter box. Smaller kittens may need more than one box, so it's closer by. Like kids, kittens need the litter box in a easy to get to spot or they might have an accident.
  16. That age sounds perfect for paper dolls! Although be careful with those babies around, once we had the paper dolls out, and older child dropped one on the floor. I didn't notice that the seventh month old had chewed the head off of one. He started gagging and slightly choking with a paper dolls head going down his throat. (Not my best mom moment) All ended well....but I thought I would share since you mentioned there would be babies around. :)
  17. I also agree.....don't worry about driving. Invest in a good bike. He can bicycle where he needs to go.
  18. This is different, but my teen dd and her friends have made disposable kitten toys for the humane society.
  19. A teen girl? Absolutely not. Teens are welcome without giving presents
  20. Honestly, I'm really surprised by this! I guess I don't think I'd ever be upset by people bringing food! It just doesn't seem to be something to get all worked up over. But, clearly, I am in the minority.
  21. Well, I don't post here often, but I have strong feeling on this topic. I think it is terribly awful to contact this woman. If someone contacted my MIL at the age of 84 about family secrets that would upset her so much! You are not acknowledging that your actions COULD cause serious anxiety and pain. This seems selfish to me. Really really selfish. I agree if you want to contact her, write a letter and ask if she would like to talk.. Or better yet, don't contact her at all. Don't ask for advice if you are unwilling to take it. Honestly, there are several posters on this board that continually, ask for advice and then cannot take any of it. Surprises me every time, and makes me wonder why the person is posting at all.
  22. This also does not sound like a healthy relationship to me either.... I realize things like this are very difficult. But, I would definitely start helping her make new friends. This will help your daughter in the long run, and in an ideal world, this unhealthy relationship would fade away gradually.
  23. This is very similar to how my vet does it. She asked if we wanted cremation or home burial, and also asked if we wanted paw prints, fur, or whiskers. So, you might want to be prepared for those questions. I'm sorry, it's always really hard.
  24. Awwww.....my ninety year old. MIL is so very slow. She does absolutely everything slow from walking to getting out her wallet, to writing slowly. Going grocery shopping is one of her few exercises and outings. I tell her all the time, "It's okay, people don't mind waiting when they are behind someone who is ninety. " She knows she is show and sometimes gets upset about it. Honestly, she is going as fast as she can, and I really appreciate those that are patient with us. She's just very slow.
  25. If you aren't tied to a tractphone you should look at Republic Wireless. They are also a budget phone service and I have been really happy with them. They use unlocked phones, like Moto phones which you can usually get at a reasonable price. I think the service and phones are a great deal.
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