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  1. I would like to know from someone who has used the CAT test online from CLASS. How does the test break down as far as being timed, and can you spread it out over days? Thanks for any help. Yes I am behind. :huh:
  2. I have the following items and will trade for books of Diary of a Wimpy Kid prefer hard back but will consider paper back (Diary of a Wimpy Kid,Cabin Fever, Dog Days, The movie book, or make fair offer and add $3 shipping. From smoke free home. I will take personnal paypal or regular if you pay the fee. Please email me directly at ephdrye@att.net /* */as I check there more often. Thanks for looking. SOS-Earth Science 2009 SOS- Health Quest 2000 Disk A and Disk B SOS -1999 Demo version Switched On Schoolhouse- program guide and teacher manual book never used excellent condition . I have 2. The Shurley Method English Made Easy A+ - Question & Answer Flow and Jingles level 5 CD still in shrinkwrap. Expert Bible Explorer-CD Rom Windows- 1995-CD excellent condition,Cd cover broke top tab.
  3. Does anyone have A Beka Arithmetic 6 third edition student tests & speed drills and does anyone have A Beka Arithmetic 3-8 charts. I need ASAP, planned on trying to start school Monday and looking for a really good deal. Thanks you all for your support and time.:grouphug:
  4. Does anyone know if there is a teacher's book for Harcourt Language 2002 with Lion on it?
  5. Thanks everyone. The mystery is solved. It is the issue of it not being bold to me because I have read it but it did show up bold when I hadn't. So verdict it is automatically bold. Thanks everyone for your help in solving that. lol;)
  6. Thank you I always see mine not standing out so I was wondering. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, Good to see a friend. I want to be able to make my title bold, stand out when I do a new thread like for saling things.
  8. Can anyone tell me how to make my title Bold? Thanks
  9. I need to know how to make my Title bold. Can anyone help me. Thanks
  10. We started a 50 state co op last session. We are scrapbooking each state with stickers, stamps, pics, and drawing important things about the states and we also did a 2nd class where they learned their States & Capitals, we used games we made up like family feud, and wow what amazing results. So good we ended up giving every student a trophy. We are continuing the scrapbooking of the states until all 50 are done. The real blessing is the kids do not want to stop this class. Good luck and have fun with it they learn a lot that way.
  11. Staples also has a Teacher Appreciation day and you get great deals. For example this year paper is .01 limit 5 but teachers can get 20. I keep my state homeschool card with me and you can register online or by phone and set up a staples reward account and have them set you up as a teacher. Doesn't take much time and well worth it. Ours is Aug. 11th starting at 9am. Good luck hope it helps, They usually have binders, notebooks, pencils etc. that you would need for unbelievable prices that day.:D
  12. Can you print out ebooks tm and student for whatever digital subjects and grades you pick instead of using the computer. I thought since you had used it already you would know. Thanks for your time.
  13. Well the president told me some kind of tech. problem happened with his assesment and looks like he would start at 5 grade level on everything but I knew he was behind and looking and the scope for 5th he doesn't know some of the stuff. They said I could redue my account and have him do the assessment again or start out at level 5 and see if it is to easy or hard. He hates taking assessments but I really want to know exactly where he is at. I didn't think in a million yrs it would be that low but if it is I want to know. What should I do. I am in a panic mood right now can't even sleep.
  14. Even if you haven't done this please give me feed back. Has anyone ever done K2 learning on line? I am doing the 14 day trial period and my ds just done his assesment and it said lower 1st in math and k-3rd on some reading and 4 and above on others spotlight on phonics. Wow what have I been doing for the last 4 yrs. Where have I messed up so badly. I don't feel like I am doing any better than public school. He passed his P.A.S.S. test with some low's but average in each subject. I am so lost I don't even have words for how I am feeling.:confused::angry::banghead:
  15. I have used all kinds of Math programs including TT and Saxon and I mean about 7 different ones. I have found Math Mammoth works for us and I have held on to my Saxon, so I think either one would work depending on your child. My ds would freak out at first with the total number of problems with Saxon. He is doing MM by himself and no complaints so far. lol
  16. Wow that was some good advice!!! Thanks for sharing. What a truth!!! How much do they really get even in PS and you know when you are both upset no one is learning.:iagree:
  17. Does anyone have Math Mammoth 4a & 4b and maybe higher, if so would you please email me directly at ephdrye@att.net. Thanks in advance. Your friend in Christ, Pam
  18. I wanted something like ALEKS for both Math and English but I have been on the internet all day. Thanks for the help.
  19. Thank you. I tried Aleks free for 2 months and I just did't work for us. I am so tired of regrouping and buying curriculum and still struggling. Bad day feeling defeated and overwhelmed.
  20. I heard that they have something like what I am looking for. I found xtramath but it keeps causing errors and I would like something like that for both math and la or just for that site to work. I really need to find some kind of assessment that will give me a report and I need it free. Thanks I hope to hear more responses.
  21. Thank you I will try them. Have you heard of something like Teachers corner?
  22. Does anyone know of free websites that I can use for math and LA to evaluate where my ds needs to work on and shows me how he is doing?
  23. How many pages a day do you use or recomend grade 4/5?
  24. Thank you so much I appreciate your help. Please keep them coming. I would love something with science or history. We started scrapbooking the States.
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