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  1. :iagree: It's a huge memory of my grandma for me. The other night, DH was watching a movie, and I saw one of the characters and said, "Is that John Dixon?" :lol: He knew exactly who I meant, thanks to my grandma's "stories."
  2. Thank you...:lol: I understand the confusion that this word causes, but I grimace every time I see an extra "l" added.;)
  3. Here's what my kids do on their Macs! http://www.dierenfeldtfilm.com My oldest uses a professional movie editing program and DD uses the amateur version of it. But even with just iMovie, you'll be able to do some great things!
  4. For real-life fractions and percents, I love Life of Fred. As far as reading goes, does she have a favorite book or author that could be expanded upon? What about doing a children's literature course of sorts, since she wants to be a nanny? I took a class like that in college, and it turned out to be one of the most helpful things that I did. Most colleges with a teaching degree program will have that type of course listed. You could figure out what text they're using and just buy it for her to use. Then she could get the literature from the library to go with it. IIRC, we read 60
  5. Thank you! I called them today, actually, but the person who I need to speak to was out and hasn't returned my call. What you said above is exactly why I was willing to wait on the university. We have a couple of other options, but this isn't a typical speech issue. I have considered that dyslexia is the most likely culprit. :glare: Thanks so much for your input!
  6. I had to call around quite a bit to find someone to do the testing privately. Our schools here are overwhelmed and don't do the entire battery of educational testing at once. They use a "wait and see" approach, and I really wanted answers without more months slipping by. Our local university knew who to call. We had to drive to a nearby city and stay overnight for testing. It took 2 full days. VT worked wonders for my son, and he absolutely needed that first. But, if I'd just taken their word for it and agreed that my son "didn't have any signs of dyslexia," and it wasn't someth
  7. If they're tics, the best thing you can do, IMO, is not draw attention to them. :grouphug:
  8. A developmental optometrist can diagnose the vision tracking problem, but not the dyslexia. IMO, they have no business trying to tell parents whether or not their children are dyslexic. You need a totally different expert for that!;) My son had vision therapy for a severe tracking disorder, which helped him greatly. We knew he had a reading problem, but we didn't yet know the extent of it. The optometrist "let us know" that he didn't see any dyslexia in DS. A year later, we had him privately tested by an educational psychologist. His official diagnosis is: Dyslexia: Moderate-t
  9. Thanks, everyone! They are ALWAYS working on a film, LOL! It's their passion. One of the films won first place in a contest in May, and the other is completely new, as it has to be a "world premiere" for this contest. They spend most of their free time doing something that relates to film-making: writing, editing, filming, reading, etc. The festival is at the end of October!
  10. Hi, Marie, Thanks for your help. It's actually my just-turned-15 ds. He's dyslexic, and when we got that diagnosis, the psychologist mentioned this speech problem to us, but said we might not be able to see it for quite some time because it was so subtle. His testing was done 6 years ago. I think part of it is that, when he was younger, the things he talked about were so concrete, and he has little trouble doing that. Now, his brain and speech are moving to a more abstract way of thinking, and it's really showing us that there may be a problem. Dyslexia has affected everything aca
  11. Our children had both of the films that they submitted accepted into the Chicago International Children's Film Festival! We're so excited for them! :party:
  12. :lol: I don't normally require a lot of dental work, and I was pretty nervous about the root canal. It's a tiny dose of something... They told me to make sure to bring it with me in case they were running late and I needed to take another one. Let me go look. Okay, it's Triazolam, .25mg. My DH had to drive me. He said I was laughing before I even got back there.:001_huh: I almost didn't take it, but I'm glad I did. The whole thing lasted 2 1/2 hours and was even more involved than he originally thought.
  13. Can anyone give me any information on what an expressive speech disorder might look like, and more importantly, what exactly a speech therapist would do during therapy sessions to work with a child who had this? We've been "wait-listed" far too long, and I feel like I may need to move on with our own "at-home" program, if possible!;)
  14. :lol: I had a root canal, today, too! But I took a little white pill first, which leads me to ask: "You know what's funny about a root canal? Apparently everything after you've taken the little white pill...":001_huh: I was at a specialist's office, an endodontist, because my particular tooth was so quirky. I knew I was groggy, and then he said, "canals," and I started to laugh... Then he started to laugh. Then I heard the nurse giggle. Normally, I would have been embarrassed, but thanks to the little white pill, I just. didn't. care... Oh, well, at least I didn't feel
  15. My cousin's DD suffered a very serious injury a few weeks ago. It was terrible. My cousin has always been a safety fanatic, too, and still, it happened. I'll give you the details if you want them, but she's in a wheelchair right now and will be for several weeks. Their trampoline was gone by the time she got out of the hospital.
  16. In our other house, we had an Asko and then a KitchenAid. Both were great. Here, we have 2 Fisher-Paykel dish drawers that are less than ideal. Upstairs in the "little kitchen," we have a KitchenAid, and it does a much better job than the expensive dish drawers in the main kitchen downstairs. The only good thing about them is that they hold the same amount of dishes as one-and-a-half regular dishwashers. Other than that, they're touchy, and they just don't do a fantastic job. Oh, and I hate that everything comes out soaking wet, even when it's set to dry. Ugh. The KitchenAid
  17. I think your packages are great the way you have them set up, and I can totally see your point. If you feel like you're losing people over not having a CD option with every package, maybe you could just add something to your first 2 options like: "a low-resolution CD is available with this package for an additional...$?" I'm not sure how to do that, either, but I'm sure you could find out. I know it's possible, LOL, because I've had people send me photos that were high resolution and edited, but then when I got them, they were too low res. to print or send to our diocese's newspaper
  18. I was giving birth to my sweet little boy!:) He's becoming such a wonderful young person, and we're so thankful for him. Every year on his birthday, my DH gets out the big cardboard sign from the hospital that says, "It's a Boy!" with the time and date of his birth on it. So sweet...:001_wub:
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