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  1. One day, my daughter was watching a video with me where they were outside. DD said, "That doesn't look very minimal!" 🙂 No it doesn't. They do have a lot of stuff stored away outside the house. Not having any kind of basement, shed, etc, is a whole different thing 😉 If you've never seen Darci Isasbella's channel, it's interesting to see the extreme minimalist look in a house with 10 children. She once mentioned that her husband didn't like to see their homeschool books/materials out and about. That would never fly here. 😉 You're completely right about hiding things like often-used appli
  2. I love her channel, but find her style a bit extreme. To each their own, lol. It will be interesting to see what happens when/if they start homeschooling next year. I'm guessing it will look a lot like her friend/fellow minimalist youtuber, Darci Isabella. HINT: if you want to see what true minimalism looks like for a large homeschool family, check out her channel. I could never go to the extremes that she does, but it's interesting to watch!
  3. Well I think you've more than paid for your Neat! I have a Ladybug steamer, and while I definitely love it, it's really heavy! I try to use all the water in the tank before I move it to another level of the house just to get rid of some weight, lol.
  4. I'd love to join. I have 2 young adults. I tend to be really protective of their privacy in public spaces. I just sent a request through the group. Thank you! What a great idea!
  5. This update just made my week. What wonderful news. Continued prayers for Greta and family.
  6. Both of my sons are dyslexic. Straight-forward programs work the best here, We worked through Junior Analytical Grammar and IEW's SWI-B on dvd after getting spelling and reading solid and then continued with IEW through high school. Also, diagramming. Both of my sons are very visual-spatial people. Once they are familiar with the basic parts of speech, diagramming is a good way to see how those parts work together. Star Wars Mad Libs have been a fun and painless way to make grammar more familiar, too. Take heart - my oldest just graduated cum laude from college. He did wonderf
  7. If you're looking for a book, my 11-year-old loves the Way of the Warrior Kid series by Jocko Willink, a former Navy SEAL. The third book was just released - ours came in the mail yesterday, and my son was so excited.
  8. We saw it tonight and loved it as well! Now we all want a tiger, lol. It seemed to us that the genie was almost modeled on the genie from the Disney Cruise Line show. So many similarities. but less silliness. It was such an aesthetically beautiful movie. And of course we loved the little DisneyWorld/Land bits.
  9. This may sound "out there," but one of the teachers in my extended family took a job at a juvenile detention facility. She works overnight, helping with homework and tutoring for a few hours in the evening, and then just overseeing things after bedtime. She loves it. She taught middle school math and science throughout her working years, and then took this job "to come out of retirement." It's an entirely different setting, with no complaints whatsoever from students/parents/others. Just a lot of appreciation.
  10. Thank you. She was almost 12, which honestly seems young to me. I know it's not really, but I'd love it if dogs lived longer lives. We actually lost 3 dogs this past year - a 16-year-old Shih Tzu, a 12-year-old Golden Lab, and the Cavalier. It was a really hard year here. Yes, I agree that " by-products" are likely much worse than they used to be. We now have 2 puppies - a Boston Terrier and a Cavoodle (Cavalier/poodle mix) plus the diabetic Cavalier, who is a littler mate to the one we lost. He's been on insulin for 7 years. At one point, I fed 3 of the dogs Orijen, but some
  11. Our vet/dog expenses exceeded $1800 in February, and that won't be our only cost for the year. I would happily spend that on food if I thought it would really benefit their health and increase their longevity. I realize we're fortunate to even be able to consider it, but you're right-there's no way to really know if it would make a difference. Our older dog is diabetic and needs a specific type of Science Diet plus insulin. We lost one Cavalier in February. She had bladder issues and was on a different type of Science Diet for that. She died of kidney failure rather suddenly. Our pu
  12. Yes! I have it. I was just looking at it the other day.
  13. Yes, I had it a little over a year ago, and it was the most miserable 10 days ever, It started with a weird sensation in my fingers and toes, like I had a bunch of paper cuts. Then the fever started. I sat on the back porch in 98-degree weather trying to warm up. A couple of days later, I woke up with a big, weird blister on the back of my hand. I texted a pic to my DH, who texted back, "Oh, my gosh, you have hand, foot, and mouth disease." He forwarded the pic to my internist, just to confirm, and her advice was to stay hydrated, rest, and take oatmeal baths. I also used something called "Mag
  14. Praying for a complete recovery and peace and health for you all.
  15. We just went through this with one of our Cavaliers. Yes, what the second vet told you is what our (very well-respected) vet did. While he was under sedation, we had his teeth cleaned and a cyst removed at the same time that the nail was treated. The poor thing came home in a cone and with one foot bandaged. The cone had nothing to do with his foot - it was to keep him from scratching the stitches above his eye where the cyst was removed. His foot was bandaged and taped, and we had to wrap it in plastic when he went outside. The vet recommended Glad Press-n-Seal for this. He also had to
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