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  1. I think Siri is supposed to get smarter with the next iOS update. I currently use Siri to remind me of things and to ask what music is playing when I hear a familiar song. I get too frustrated asking him anything else.
  2. ? My daughter got Siri to call me Mrs. Hemorrhoid. After some time I figured out how to change it. He now calls me My Lady in a British accent.
  3. I’ve never noticed that in the parking lot before. I did have a similar experience in a waiting room the other day. I went with my husband to get a mri in the evening hours. No one was there in the waiting room except me. After a while two loud obnoxious women entered, checked in, and sat right next to me. There were no less than twenty other seats in the room. And to top it off, they brought stinky food to eat while they waited. The woman right next to me had a salad with her meal. She shook the container violently while blabbing away for a full minute. I sat there getting more annoyed by the minute until I couldn’t take it. I got up and left and waited in the lobby. That was so rude.
  4. Last night I did a 35 minute upper body workout from fitness blender. Then I immediately attempted a quick run around the .7 mile lake, but I realized how fast I would need to run in order to be on time for another engagement. I was too tired to run at that pace, so I decided to do 5 uphill sprints instead, plus one more sprint to my water bottle.
  5. I’m so sorry. Your uncle sounds like an amazing person. What an inspiration he must’ve been to be so active and positive even during the difficult times. The runners and cyclists in our area are always reminding everyone to watch out for them, as there have been a couple of near misses recently. Thank you for the reminder. I mostly run around the small lakes in my neighborhood, but sometimes I do run on the street when I’m bored of the scenery. I try to wear reflective clothing. A lot of runners wear gear with flashing lights to alert drivers.
  6. I saw that yesterday. Every once in a while I check the podcast to see if a new season has dropped. It looks like it could be good.
  7. You can use reinforcers for the holes. That should help keep papers from tearing.
  8. I’d like to join in if you don’t mind. My workout group disbanded this week because of everyone’s busy schedules. I wasn’t going regularly and gained at least ten pounds in the last year from both the lack of exercise and from a stressful year dealing with a personal issue. I need to go back to regular exercise and work toward my goals again, especially since I’m turning 40 this year, and I want to start off the new decade on the right foot. My goals are to work out at least five days per week for 30-60 minutes, fit into my existing clothes the way I used to, and not eat mindlessly.
  9. Staples has amazing binders. I’m going on my fifth year using them. They are finally starting to show some wear and tear, but the rings still open with the gentle touch of a button and close completely.
  10. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know people could use sound like that. I thought you were going to say that your child is truly nocturnal. I have one like that unfortunately.
  11. I have an update. My daughter went and spent a great week with her best friend before she gave birth one day ahead of the due date. MIL came a few days later, overlapping her stay with my dd’s. She came home on Labor Day and drove to school the next morning. Professors were willing to work with her to catch up, so all is good. Thanks for the advice!
  12. I forgot to list what I listen to. This American Life, Planet Money, Happier, A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief, Bookworm, Ted Talks, The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week, Star Talk Radio, Armchair Expert, Mac Power Users, Read Aloud Revival I mostly listen while running or doing chores. Sometimes I put on podcasts when driving, but I also like silence. I’m rarely alone, lol. I enjoy silence.
  13. I listen to podcasts on the overdrive app. I used to use the regular podcast app on my iPhone, but the last update came with changes to some features I liked. My kids listen to a few podcasts that I either play in the car while driving or are played while I work individually with the other child. These are my current podcasts subscriptions for kids: LibriVox (this can be listened to in a podcast app, but it’s also an app if you search the App Store), Tumble Science, Sparkle Stories, Brains On, Storynory, Short and Curly
  14. Good morning. A full day of school is scheduled. In addition to that, DD has a piano lesson this afternoon. I’m bummed about my workout group. It looks like we are going to disband because of busy schedules. I’m going to have to find a new motivation to work out now, since the accountability to the group was keeping me on track. What else? I have a few calls to make, and I need to do my cleaning chores for the day.
  15. I made incredible progress in the kitchen last night after everyone was asleep. I’ve been telling DH how frustrating it is to be interrupted constantly. DD8 is in a phase of stopping me to ask a questions she hasn’t even thought of every time I walk past her. Unfortunately I slept in a little too late this morning, and now I have a lot of little things to get done. Fortunately, tomorrow is a holiday. We will still attempt school, even if it’s half a day. Laundry, mop the kitchen, go through this week’s papers, plan the school week, put in an order for groceries, clean guest bathroom
  16. I’m not in my 50’s, but I’m pretty modest. I wear running shorts and short sleeved tech shirts when I run. This is my favorite shirt from Gap. It’s very soft and comfortable. I own it in lots of colors. Adidas and Reebok are my favorite brands for running shorts. Their elastic waists are comfortable and do not pinch and squeeze like other shorts (Nike, UnderArmour). I love these because of the thick, soft waist band. These shorts are pretty comfortable and modest.
  17. Thanks for sharing this. I was going to buy it today anyway, so yay for the extra discount!
  18. I would love to implement this idea. Thank you! My oldest daughter and I went through Joy Hakim's Story of Science when she was in 7th and 8th grades, and we really enjoyed it. Do you have any recommendations off the top of your head? I agree it's a lot, and I do worry about treading water. Mathematical Reasoning is in there because it's fun for DD, but she doesn't do all the pages, as a lot of them are repetitive. Although sometimes she does if it's challenging. I find it to be a mix of review as well as a gentle intro to new problems. Miquon is where most of our time is spent. We started late with it and will finish some time next spring. I may go to Math Mammoth after we are done with Miquon. MEP and CSMP are so different, I pick and choose the problems she does, skipping anything mastered and anything that looks like what she has already done in Miquon and Mathematical Reasoning. I worry about advancing too quickly, so I'm trying to provide diverse math at her level. Yes, there tends to be a lot of repetition, so I filter that out of the supplemental curricula. Thanks for the advice. I will review the materials to be sure they include the topics above.
  19. We bought our daughter a set where every component came apart and was replaceable. So when her cord broke, instead of buying a whole new set, we just replaced it. I don’t recall if it had a mic though. I’ll come back later and give you the brand name in case you are interested. The brand is SOL REPUBLIC, and I believe there is a mic. The band, each earpiece, and the cord all detach from each other.
  20. For DD 8, I’m using multiple resources because she loves math and always asks for more after we are done. Please look at our curricula and let me know if you think certain topics will slip through. Mathematical Reasoning (her favorite) - she works on 3-5 pages per day Miquon - one sheet per day, we should be done with the complete set this year MEP & CSMP - we alternate these each week, doing about half a lesson each day I also have Math Mammoth, but she doesn’t care for it, and I worry it would be too much unless I switched it out for one of the above. But - she likes all the above.
  21. Sometimes the washer shakes a little during the spin cycle. The clothes must not have been evenly spread around the drum is all I can figure, and the detergent must’ve scooted off the edge. I never would have thought that a bottle so heavy would fall off like that. None of the ten million other things (including tide pods) fell off.... Anyhow, I didn’t think to use the litter sitting on the floor across from the dryer. Instead I found two tiny sand shovels and scooped it all up and into a tall container. I used towels to wipe up the rest and then moved the shelf and washer out of the way to clean under and behind them. Finally I mopped as best as I could and called it a night. So yes, at least I have a clean floor and a nicely wiped down washer and dryer, as well as a clean smelling room (litter box is in there for the kittens). Next time I will remember to use either baking soda or litter!
  22. 210 fl oz (minus the amount of detergent to wash four loads) spilled all over my the laundry room floor. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I spent the last hour cleaning it all up. Now I need to mop. Any advice?
  23. Here is our other kitten. She’s much more intense than her brother.
  24. I wonder if any other homeschooled kids were erroneously enrolled like your daughter. Sorry is has been a hassle to unenroll her.
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