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  1. The upcoming 6th grade boy is fascinated with these decades so I'm looking at putting together a humanities study that will cover each. I know it's a long shot that there may be something already out there, but perhaps I could pull from different resources so that I'm not starting completely from scratch. What I'd like to cover: Literature and Poetry Movies Art Clothing\Decor\Food Daily Lives Inventions People Major Events Political\Social\Economic trends I'm not even sure what this would look like on a daily basis so would love ideas if anyone has done something similar. Not even sure if I would do all 3 decades in one year or spread them out. I've considered having him keep a journal and timeline in order to make connections between events, ideas, and people, but that really is as far as I've gotten. Thoughts?
  2. Example - The 11th Doctor loves bow ties and fezzes. Often, he can be heard exclaiming, "Bow ties are cool!" and "Fezzes are cool!" The child has bibliography cited for each episode that these quotes came would she cite within the sentence? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! As the person evaluating this student's writing I'm trying to "teach" mechanics without squelching creativity. I think I like the hyphen.
  4. A light rain trickled through the fall leaves orange like a sunset hanging above my head. Thanks!!
  5. Freesia - have you begun using this yet? I've looked at the website and downloaded the samples and like what I'm seeing so far. I'm not seeing writing instruction...are you familiar enough with it to give more details?
  6. I'm using this right now with a group of highschool students ranging from 9th to 11th (the older ones were a bit behind in this area). Along with the Jill Pike Syllabus it is a full credit for an average or young student. The syllabus has the students go through Teaching the Classics over the first few weeks and also adds in work with To Kill a Mockingbird, Jane Eyre, and Hamlet. Jill blended the additions of those three works with the WttW materials beautifully. WttW itself uses many short stories and poetry to teach and practice the skills. You could easily add in additional reading and writing assignments to further practice the skills covered. Combined, these resources have made an engaging, fun class for my students. Like the pp, I have LOVED teaching this program. I wish I could find another program just like it to move these students into next year!
  7. Greek History using History Pockets along with A LOT of supplement in the areas of recipes, art projects, dressing up as a favorite Greek god or goddess, D'Aulaire's, and some play acting of historical events. Medieval History using Project Passport (purchased a one time license) with similar supplements as above. Art - various resources- Meet the Masters, Discovering Great Artists, Dynamic Art Projects for Kids FIAR based classes - Read a book, do a craft or art project based on a theme, or literary element of that book. IEW style writing up to Unit 4 using mostly Aesop's Fables for re-writes. I incorporated a ton of grammar into this with the use of games and the dc LOVED it. Botany - no one resource - just a different experiment each week with an ongoing project for them to sprout and grow a bean plant at home and report on it's progress to the class each week. Sloppy Science Experiments - making slime, oobleck, silly putty, mentos and coke, density rainbows, egg drop experiments, walking on eggs, etc.

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    These are the 2004 Edition, comb bound books. Teacher Manual \ Student Text Workbook \ Student Test Workbook All books in very good condition, no writing on the pages. Asking $35 including s\h. Media Mail. Prefer paypal.



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    Teacher and Student books both in good condition. There was some pencil writing in the student book but I've erased it. Asking $35 including s\h. Media mail. Paypal please.



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    Excellent condition - Disc used once. Asking $28.00 including s\h. Prefer paypal. Non-smoking home.



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    Reduced to $10.00 Elegant Essay Writing Student Workbook. Fair condition. Contained some writing but I've erased...some pages it is very faint but still usable. Asking $12.00 including s\h. Media mail. Prefer paypal.



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    Reducing to $35 All programs in excellent, like new condition. Pages are clean, discs have only been viewed once. All together in a 1 inch binder with dividers. Asking $40 for the set including s\h. Will ship media mail. Prefer paypal.


  13. I purchased one of the volumes of Implications of Literature for dd16 upon the recommendation of Cyndi. I agree with everything she says about it. :) Dd16 isn't using it exclusively...she has other whole books tied to her history, but I do like it for the additional genres, critical thinking questions, writing assignments and vocab work. It provides us with enough high school English work so that her whole books don't have to be analyzed as much and she can just enjoy reading them.
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