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  1. Thanks for the input. I am testing mine this week. It takes 6 weeks for the test come to me, so I figure at this point, it will be almost July before we could test her child. I'm fine with that since we will be on summer break. But then again, my kids will be home and need to be quiet. I appreciate your input on the the fee for me to charge. It is my time. I need to value it and figure out what price tag to put on it. From what I can see from your comments, I didn't think high enough in terms of what my time is worth.
  2. I agree that giving it all one day is too much. I really think 2 days is too much. I give it to my own kids in three with plenty of breaks in between sub-tests. Yes, this parent would have mileage involved on her part. She lives about 45 minutes away. If I'm giving it, then she needs to come to me. The child is a 3rd grader.
  3. I had a person contact me about administering the Iowa to her child. I've always just given it to my kids, but my account with BJULP shows me as a recommended administrator. In 5 years I have never been contacted until now. I'd love to do it, as I need a little extra money to pay off my son's braces. So, my question is: How much is reasonable to charge this family to test their child?
  4. In winter I run on my treadmill most of the time or when dh is home. But in summer when I'm training for longer races, I get up early to run while my kids are asleep. I'm usually back before they are up (even on long run days when I run for a couple of hours).
  5. In winter I run on my treadmill most of the time or when dh is home. But in summer when I'm training for longer races, I get up early to run while my kids are asleep. I'm usually back before they are up (even on long run days when I run for a couple of hours).
  6. I am. We are relatively new to the area, but love it here. PM if you want. I'd be willing to meet up with you while your here.
  7. The bolded is very true of our situation everywhere we go. My kids seemingly fit in, but are never thought of beyond the activity. This is true of the whole family though. I know it's b/c we are new to the area. It's difficult to break into groups where friendships have been established for years. For the record, my kids can not sit in a chair. I'm sure that will be one of the first parent conferences or emails home.
  8. I am wondering if we just need to give it more time. A part of me feels like I'm giving up on everything we have worked so hard for in homeschooling. We have had a rough couple of years with our move. It has taken time to get back on track school wise. But we did it this year. For the most part, we had a good year. There is always something to tweak, but that is true of every school year. We have a few homeschooling friends, but they live in other towns. No one the near the ages of our kids. They all seem to be younger. They are involved in sports (TKD). Those kids mostly live in the town over. Neighborhood kids are there, but those friendships are not developing. My boys know no one in our neighborhood. We've been in our house 2 years now. Sad. I'm not sure public school is the answer either.
  9. Great responses so far. I won't buy supplies until the list is published. I taught PS many years ago, so I do remember that most schools have specific requirements on supplies. Hadn't thought of needing multiple paid of snow pants and gear. But I guess that is reasonable.
  10. I think dh is is determined that the kids are going. We can't seem to get past the issue of how to get our kids to make friends. We've been here two years and friends are just not happening for them. Lots of acquaintances, yes. Friends, no. Co-ops are not good fits. His solution is they need to go to public school. Anyway, I know I have lots to do to get them ready. They will all need clothes and school supplies. But what other things or hidden costs are there that I need to prepare for?
  11. I'd like to know the price. Ds finished WWS 1 and is 7 weeks into book 2. I'm not sure how to place him, but I am very excited to see a this course!
  12. I'm still waiting on price, but I'm super interested in writing.
  13. Done with math for the year!!! Wahoo!

  14. Done with math for the year!!! Wahoo!

  15. Hunter, I'm not sure if you are addressing someone else I'm the thread or me. If it is me, perhaps I am not communicating effectively. Again, my son can copy. He is writing essays. I am concerned about the amount of time it takes to complete R&S. It eats up so much of our time. I feel like grammar can be accomplished in much less time.
  16. He copies just fine. We spent the time in the younger years with copy work and dictation. He completed all 4 levels of WWE, WWS 1, and is working through WWS 2. What I mean is that it I need something less time consuming. I like the idea of the consumable workbook for Hake. That alone may be the answer. I'll check that out.
  17. We've used R&S Grammar for 2 years (for 5th and 6th). Ds is bogged down with the writing aspect of it. He gets the grammar concepts. It takes him forever to complete a lesson if I have him write it. We modified to make it work this year by doing most of it orally and then diagramming on the whiteboard. I can not keep doing it that way. I am adding my dd to the mix next year, and he needs to be able to do some of his work more independently so that I have time to teach her to read. We've both looked at Hake, and he likes the look of it. He does Saxon Math and likes it too. How much writing is actually involved? Is he going to spend an hour copying to do one little grammar assignment. Those of you that use it, can you tell me more about what the lessons look like in your home. How are your kids doing with it? Do they like it? (as far liking grammar goes :glare:)
  18. At that age, I read through a children's Bible getting my kids more and more familiar with Bible stories. We have also used Leading Little One's to God around age 7 or so.
  19. I'm not an AAA member, and I don't know anyone who is. I'd like to get it for free. I've been all over the internet looking at tourism sites to get a package sent to us with one. But apparently, Boston is green. I can have one sent for $10.50. Umm....no. I'm cheap. I'm not buying one off of amazon either. I just thought I'd ask here b/c some sweet Hive member might like to help another Hive member out. I was able to find a Memphis map through a tourism site. They mailed it to me for free. No luck with Boston.
  20. I need a paper map of Boston. If you could get one and mail it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll pay pal you postage! Message me to work out specifics. (I'm making wall art with maps of places our family has traveled to for our family room) Thanks!
  21. Just reading this tonight. Any update on how your dog is doing?
  22. Awesome job! That's quite a big time drop. You should be very proud.
  23. Thank you! I'm really thinking of letting my current 6th grader complete CAP's W&R for the next few weeks for writing just to give him a break. He is so bogged down with WWS that there is no joy in writing. I'll print those recommendations out as I begin to plan for next year.
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