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  1. Very helpful - thanks so much for the examples and taking the time to respond. I love that your daughter sold chicken eggs! I grew up on a dairy farm, and we had to collect the eggs (I remember getting pecked:)).
  2. For example, you wouldn't use a budget worksheet or a spending tracker with a child? How would you teach them to track a savings goal without writing it down?
  3. Hi Rosie_0801, Thanks so much for your response! I totally get that - I'm all about teaching money in in 3-D (meaning, by handling it and managing it), and not just through 2-D worksheets. What other resources would you look for to help a special needs child learn money?
  4. Hello! I am seeing a need for financial literacy worksheets and resources for special needs kids (free ones), and want to work on this. The problem is, while I can see people are searching for this, there are no specifics as to what adaptations (besides captioned videos and making my website on kids & money as ADA-compliant as possible) are needed. If you are a teacher or parent of a special needs child, it would be SO helpful for you to answer: How do current financial literacy resources and worksheets for kids miss the mark for your special needs child/students? What does your child struggle with when it comes to learning how to handle money, budget, count change, make a store transaction, etc.? What specific worksheets and resources do you need to teach your special needs child/students how to handle money? And really, any other information you want to provide. Thank you very much for your time and energy - this is something I feel called to work on.
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