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    Developing reading material for language based learners for core programming.

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    Retired from teaching in MA. Relocated to Ct. Returning to my passion.Successfulach and over 20 ye
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    Stamford, CT
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    Reading Specialist
  1. Hello. I have 20+ years of experience and success teaching struggling readers using the Orton-Gillingham Approach mixed with mneumonics learned from Stevenson. In 1988, a student's Neuropsychological report stated the student would be illiterate if he was not learning via either the Wilson System developed by Barbara Wilson who is certified in the OG approach) or the Orton-Gillingham, (OG) . Time was not on my side for training. Training in the OG approach was 300 hours (all summer and throughout the school year). I was able to attend that summer a 5 days Wilson Workshop. I left the Wilson workshop having purchased all their materials. While teaching a small reading group, I was observed by a child's advocate. Though she was pleased with my skills she stated, "You will be worth your weight in gold if you were trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach." That afternoon I immediately got an interview at Massachusetts General Hospital's Learning Disability Clinic and with my gift for gab got accepted into the training program. Last March when Covid struck,I decided it was time to take my individualized lessons, use my creativity and create an easy to understand book. It' over 180 pages because it includes assessments and definitions that should be taught. Kids need to learn the definition of a syllable, a digraph/ trigraph, and spelling rules and patterns that guide the vowel sound. Kids need to learn the sounds for consonants that make one sound and the rules. My goal is to sell my book on Teachers Pay Teachers. I was thinking of charging $30. Input from my program is valuable as the goal is for the learner to be a successful and confident rule based reader and speller. I look forward to hearing from you. Estelle Chase, M.Ed.
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