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  1. Thank you to everyone for your replies! You've given me lots of good ideas to consider!
  2. Wendyroo, thank you for that insight! We would probably return to the private school where they were enrolled previously rather than public, but it's good to have on my radar that this should be part of the conversation. I wouldn't have thought about that. Fortunately, I was also a teacher at the school they were attending, so we at least have a relationship established.
  3. HomeAgain, thank you so much for your very practical advice and for the reminder that the *how* is more important than the *what* at this stage! 🙂
  4. We are switching to homeschool for the first time in the coming year. We are giving it a try for the year, and - if it goes well - plan to continue for another year or beyond. My daughter is 13 (rising 8th-grade). Here is what she has covered in school so far: 3rd grade - a short unit on a handful of ancient civilizations & a short unit on local history 4th grade - Virginia history 5th grade - US history until Reconstruction 6th grade - completion of US history 7th grade - World Geography, part 1 I had her look at her geography textbook & it appears they covered mainly South America & Europe. If she were to return to her school in 9th grade, she would be studying Ancient World History. I am struggling with how to adapt the suggested progression in WTM to what she has studied, and what she has yet to study. Should I use her existing textbook (McGraw Hill: Discovering World Geography, 2018) as a spine, and attempt to complete her geography course on my own, covering areas of the world she hasn't covered yet? Or should I attempt to jump into the WTM progression, knowing that leaves some big gaps in her knowledge of the world? I would be grateful for any insights or suggestions! Thank you!
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