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  1. Have you tried the Gal Meets Glam dresses brand?
  2. Have you tried this Broccoli soup from Life in the Lofthouse? https://life-in-the-lofthouse.com/broccoli-cheese-soup/#view_recipe I just chop the veggies and then use an immersion blender to blend after they have cooked. I usually double the recipe but leave out the cheese and keep the original amount of half-and-half. So good!! Be liberal with the bay leaves -- they give SUCH a good flavor!
  3. I don't have a shoe recommendation, but have you read Pete Egoscue's book The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion?
  4. Have you seen videos by Dr. Robert Lustig?
  5. Have you tried the Mrs. Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman? Travel, adventure, mystery, and historical fiction (for the most part). They were written in the 1970s/80s.
  6. Hi Melissa, The Rod & Staff curriculum for English is very good. Kat
  7. A super interesting course was Business Strategy from Wharton which was offered on edX (and I think it still is). The professor (Nicolaj Siggelkow) was REALLY good. Maybe have your son look into that for starters?
  8. @Toska I saw this class/program mentioned and had to share it with you! (I'm copying and pasting so the font might have gotten a little mixed up.) SCOIL CHUMANN CARAD NA GAEILGE THE PHILO-CELTIC SOCIETY SCHOOL FREE IRISH LANGUAGE CLASSES. THIS IS OUR ON-LINE SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY. Ár gcuspóir: chun úsáid na Gaeilge a spreagadh agus a chothú ar fud an domhain. Our goal: to encourage and advance the use of Irish throughout the world. This term: July through August, 2021 (Summer Term) Oibrímid d'athbheochan domhanda na Gaeilge. Foghlaim faoinár gCumann ar ár bpríomh-shuíomh ag http://www.philo-celtic.com ! We work for the worldwide renaissance of the Irish language. Learn about our Society on our website at http://www.philo-celtic.com ! Bí cinnte go leanann tú ar aghaidh insan mbuíon seo chun fógraí agus nascanna a fháil ar ár ranganna gach téarma, ar ár ngníomhaíochtaí, agus ar Ghluaiseacht na Gaeilge. / Be sure to stay a member of this group to receive notices and links about our classes each term, our activities, and about the Irish Language Movement. Once enrolled in our School, you'll receive an email which will give you the links you need to sign up for our free classes. Enroll by clicking on "Join This Group" on this page and following the related instructions. Then you'll get an email with links for free registration in this term's classes and workshops, which are as follows: BEGINNING LEVEL Fast-Paced Review of Gaeilge Gan Stró, Beginner's Level. For beginning and intermediate students. Every Wednesday beginning July 7. 7:30pm New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Gréag Ó Núáin. How to Write Anything You Want in Irish Using the Tools of the Language. For beginning and intermediate students plus advanced students who haven't had formal training in the use of the best dictionaries, the best verb books, declensions (groups) of nouns, declensions of adjectives, etc. Two sessions: Every Wednesday beginning July 7. 8:00pm New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh. Every Sunday beginning July 11. 2:00PM New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Gearóid Ó Ceallaigh. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Progress In Irish 36-45. Gach Domhnach / Every Sunday beginning Sunday, July 4. 10am New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Éamonn de Bhál. This is a continuation of PII 16-30. Ag Léamh ‘AN TOBAR’ / Reading ‘AN TOBAR’. Leabhar gearr don fhoghlaimeoir fásta / A short book for the adult learner. Do mheánscoláirí / For intermediate students. Gach Céadaoin / Every Wednesday starting July 7. 8:00pm New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Séamas Ó Neachtain. ADVANCED AND INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Rang comhrá / conversation class. Do ard- agus mheán-dhaltaí / For advanced and intermediate students. Gach Céadaoin ag tosú 7 Iúil / Every Wednesday beginning July 7. 7 i.n. am Nua-Eabhraic / 7:00pm New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Lugh de Paor. Léamh insan iris AN GAEL / Reading in the magazine AN GAEL. Do ard- agus mheán-dhaltaí / For advanced and intermediate students. Gach Céadaoin ag tosú 7 Iúil / Every Wednesday beginning July 7. 9 i.n. am Nua-Eabhraic / 9:00pm New York Time. Múinteoir / Teacher: Séamas. Once you've joined your chosen class, you'll receive lessons during the term by email or by zoom or by a combination from your teacher about once a week. You can also use the tabs at left to start reading Messages (i.e., lessons and class discussion) since the beginning of this term. To find out whether you're enrolled in a particular class, click on "Your Groups" at the top of this page. If you'd like to volunteer to teach, tell us! We're devoted to the revival of the Irish Language around the world and in Ireland. If you'd like to join The Philo-Celtic Society, go to http://www.philo-celtihttp://philo-celtic.com/ballraiocht-membership.htmlc.com/membership.html ! LE GACH DEA-GHUÍ, Séamas Ó Neachtain / Jim Norton Cathaoirleach / Chair
  9. There's Lauren Singer's The Simply Co company. I've never actually bought anything from there but have seen some of her YouTube videos. If you do end up buying something, let me know what you think!
  10. You might want to try looking at a local thrift store. These are pretty common there and that way you could get a couple and not worry about if they break! 🙂
  11. In my understanding, many ceramics of that time were made with lead but were plastered (e.g. antique sinks, etc.). I think it would only be a problem if the plaster has worn down or has chipped.
  12. Kind of a crazy idea but you could always try to contact someone that has a YouTube channel that speaks Irish and ask if they could do speaking/immersion classes on Zoom or something. In general, though, as you said, I would focus on listening and hearing a new language versus translation.
  13. I would actually recommend finding a YouTube channel with someone speaking in Irish. I have seen a young woman that has this but can't remember her name. I have found that the best way to learn a language is to be immersed in whatever way possible. Duolingo is wonderful, but I think that its limitation is its focus on translation. Babies learn language with immersion and, in my experience, that has worked extremely well! So, a friend on the phone, pen-pals, YouTube where they are almost only speaking Irish, etc.
  14. We have used EIW, which is excellent, but we have also mixed in using a tutor, and that has been really motivating. If you're interested, PM me and I'll give you her contact details.
  15. Maybe make your own hummus! You can start by cooking up the chickpeas or buying canned chickpeas in water. Also, a tomato base with roasted vegetables (almost like ratatouille) is delicious. You can even start with a tomato base (like a marinara sauce), crack some eggs into, cover with a lid and let them cook for about 10 minutes. You'll have a fragrant tomato sauce with soft hard-boiled eggs in it. Might sound a bit strange but it's a wonderful way to combine eggs and veggies!
  16. Johanna Spyri's A Children's Christmas Carol is delightful.
  17. Another sweet series with big sisters is the All-of-a-kind family series, featuring a Jewish family in New York about 1910 era. When your niece is a little older, the Maud Hart Lovelace series Betsy-Tacy is wonderful.
  18. The American Girl series don't necessarily have sisters, but if you stick with the historical ones by Valerie Tripp, you'll find sweet and inspiring reading for a young girl. I would particularly recommend the Samantha, Josefina, and Kit books. Also, the Boxcar children books have older brothers and sisters featured in them.
  19. I would not suggest taking it more easy in 8th. If she will end up going to a B&M school, she needs to feel ready for how structured her life could get. You can always take a more fun year for her senior year of high school!
  20. No way! Don't have her retake it! Those scores are beautiful. If you're worried about the writing, you could have her take a community college class in writing to show colleges that she can ace a writing class. Obviously, her English is a perfect 36, so you could explain the lower ACT Writing if necessary in her applications. Although, I am not sure you should even address it -- the ACT writing is optional and mentioning it would just draw more attention than necessary.
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