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  1. Hi. First post here, but I would really appreciate some advice about younger kids development. My son has just turned 4 and is very keen on maths. He’s figured out multiplication and division, prime numbers, square numbers, cubes, and the basics of things like simple algebra, factorization, and fractions. I’ve tested him at home on a couple of placement tests for Singapore math and Saxon Math, and he has no problem in answering the questions up until the level he can no longer understand the actual questions, but even then he’s quite able to answer the questions once the questions are explained to him. My question is whether there is any structured maths program that you would recommend for an advanced, but still very young learner? At the moment I’m just teaching him things as they seem to come up, but I’m worried that I might miss out important concepts if I don’t follow a more structured program. I’m sure his language skills will eventually catch up, and we work mostly his non-math skills in our home lessons, but I don’t want to just stop his math development in the meantime, since he clearly loves it. I’ve looked into Singapore Math and Saxon and a couple of others which are frequently recommended here, but they all seem to be geared to older learners in terms of their language requirements by the time they get to the level of maths my son wants to explore. Do I just pick one and translate the concepts into easier language, or is there a better approach I should be taking? Ideally I would love something he could work at on his own, since he spends hours on his maths daily anyway, and I don’t have time to be with him constantly unfortunately; but I know that’s not really going to be possible at his age. He does read well for a 4 year old, but it’s not at the level where he can get by on his own yet. I don’t have any other local options available like math clubs or school support, as we’re living in a small country without much development unfortunately, and he’s not yet keen on doing any kind of online classes, due to his age. Schools here aren’t really able to help, as they are really limited, and have been on lockdown for the past 18 months, so he’s not had any formal schooling yet, other than about 4 weeks of zoom classes. Any advice would be gratefully received, especially in relation to how to approach the skills gap between his reading/language skills and math skills.
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