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  1. Thanks! Yes we skipped the writing in 100 EZ lessons as well. When my sons pre-school was canceled last fall, I started to take his home education more seriously. We generally do 30 minutes of "school" 3 times a day. Reading, Writing, and Math. He struggles with writing and as a result doesn't like to do it. I didn't want to sour his love of reading with the writing exercises.
  2. My 4.5 year old son just finished 100 easy lessons and I would like to move into another workbook to continue the development of his reading skills. He is still struggling with a few of the concepts such as long vs short vowels (which I don't think 100 EZ lessons did a good job of explaining). His reading and math skills are well beyond his fine motor skills. He still has not picked a dominate hand is very ambidextrous, but is a terrible writer. I'd like to find a book that is less reliant on writing. Right now I am debating between Explode the Code and Phonics Pathways. Any others to consider? I want to do physical books and not online. Although having some online supplementals would be a bonus.
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