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  1. My son will be 11 in July, but I am planning 5th grade. We are loosely following A Gentle Feast. I am making some changes and omitting parts. Math- Saxon 6/5 English/Grammar/ Writing- A Gentle Feast Language Arts (which includes copywork and dictation and one writing assignment a week. we will omit the grammar) & Rod and Staff English 5 These will each be done 1 time a week Modern History- The Story of the Great Republic (read 2 chapters at a time) (keep a book of centuries and write one narration a week) Ancient History- Famous Men of Rome (write narration and keep book of centuries) Geography - Book of Marvels The Orient. I am going to print out a the notebooking pages and have him write a narration and we will mark the places on a blank world map. Nature- The Child's Book of Nature: Animals (1 narration a week). Science -Human Body: Blood and Guts and the Way We Work (notebook) Literature- Tom Sawyer, Bronze Bow, The Aeneid for Boys and Girls, Little Men, Across Five Aprils Biography- Abe Lincoln Grows Up, Freedom Train, Galen and the Gateway to Medicine, Louis Pasteur Piano- Continue Hoffman Academy (he's 3/4 the way through) Latin- Visual Latin 1 with Lingua Latina (possibly split over two years)- We have already done Prima Latina & Latin Christiana, but took this year off and are going to try Visual Latin Family Table Time- Picture Study, Composer Study, Poetry, Painting, Handicrafts, Singing, Bible, Catechism, Read Alouds, Church History, Nature Study
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