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  1. Courage and a clear mind about the ancient Greeks and Pharaohs and Queens of Ancient Egypt both by Jim Weiss. We love him at our house 🙂
  2. I'm bringing back this old topic with a few additional questions. My daughter will be reading the New Testament this year with a Foundations reading guide book and she'll also be reading World of the New Testament for historical context. Would this be ok as an elective on her transcript? 0.5 maybe? Do I need to add things like essays or presentations to make it into an elective? Her plan as of right now is attending a Christian University in the future.
  3. DD13 will be volunteering at our local library at the kids area. As of right now she wants to major in elementary education so that is going to be perfect. She's really stepping out of her comfort zone and I'm so happy for her. Other than that there will be a lot of horse riding and swimming.
  4. Maybe he would like to take a look at Ancient Greece and the origins of democracy? I'm in full on Ancient History mode with my high schooler so that's what comes to mind 😅 I found this great courses https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/athenian-democracy-an-experiment-for-the-ages I don't have experience with this course but it might be worth taking a look. Just a broad idea but depending on his interest you could dive in deeper 🙂
  5. She is 9th grade age, but she does take more time than avarage with school work. Very dedicated, but slow. I thought that MP book was a full overview on Ancient History but I realised they have different books on Ancient Greece and Rome as well, which could be all done in a year. They also have "Important men of Greece" and "Important men of Rome" books I could add and hopefully that would be a good enough for high school credit? The Susan Bauer book also seems like a great option, and I like that I can get a study guide for it and make it a whole year study as well. Thanks for giving me all of these options! I'll be looking at the 7 sisters book studies as well. Lot's of curriculum to research and choose from, but don't we all love looking at them 😉
  6. Thanks for the replies! I think I was just freaking out looking at different English curriculums for 9th grade that covered all these other things and thinking I needed to do more. But with your help I feel confident now a good literature + a composition curriculum should be enough. First of all, I love the Roman Roads Media option for the Greek Literature! I like that it also includes art and the philosophers. It's basically a more organized version of what I was trying to do 😅 Ultimately I'll check with my daughter to see her preference. I know she's excited to read the Iliad, but I'm not so sure how excited she will be about Plato and like Lori warned me, I'm not trying to kill her love for reading right now. This is the first time I'll be even assigning her books, so far our homeschool has been very interested-led but High School just needs extra focus. For writing we used Writeshop for middle school and it worked ok, she has good grammar and spelling and she knows how to organize a basic paragraph and essay. But her work comes out very dry, like reading a research paper. I was considering changing to a classical writing approach, either CAP Writing and Rethoric or Memoria Press composition. I think she would benefit greatly from the Progymnasmata style. The problem is if she has to begin at the Fables stage... She's never catching up 😩 Another option would be Writing with Skill 1. I'm really not sure what to do when it comes to writing right now. I was looking at Lantern English for the whole year option, but for the composition alone I don't know if I love the 8 week format. Decisions decisions! Basically I have a lot of research to do on this forum 😉 And I didn't even know the mythology exam was a thing! That's right up her alley.
  7. Language arts: Greek Literature and Composition course using Memoria Press study guides (D'Aulaire Greek Myths, Iliad and Odyssey and Euripides plays) + High School Composition I with MP as well. (DD13 is against outsourcing because "teachers make her anxious". But I'm just not confident in teaching her composition myself. Plus, she wants to go to college so we need to start working on this. Already registered so no looking back now 😂). History: The book of the Ancient World, The book of Ancient Greeks and The Book of the Ancient Romans by MP. Science: BJU Physical Science with labs Math: Algebra I with Mr. D French I: Might have to outsource this as well which my anxious DD13 will not be too happy about. I just can't find any resources I love for independent study... Aim academy? Elective: Traditional Logic I by Memoria Press (Will do this as a full year course as suggested). Continue with piano. A lot of Memoria Press which is new to me. It just seems to fit well with my daughters interests. It just seems like so much work!
  8. Hi, I'm new to high school homeschooling can you tell? 😅 I've survived years of homeschooling just lurking on the forum and reading all the amazing info (thanks everyone!) but this year I'm stuck. My 9th grader has been obsessed with Ancient Greece for years (thanks Percy Jackson!), so I'm very tempted to use Memoria Press, which we have never used before. For history we're using https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/classical-studies/book-ancient-world/ which I hope is enough for a high school history credit, but maybe that's subject for another post. But I'm not sure how to get a full English credit! I know she would love the Greek plays study as well as the Iliad and Odyssey study (links for reference: https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/classical-studies/greek-tragedies-complete-set/ and https://www.memoriapress.com/curriculum/classical-studies/iliad-odyssey-complete-set/). But what else do I need to add to make this a full year of english? She's already done Fix it Grammar. So my questions are: Do I need to add grammar? I don't personally think she needs it, but I'm scared she might also just forget everything without grammar practice. Should I add composition with the Greek literature? If so, anyone has resource ideas for this? And if I add composition then what would I call this course? Greek literature and composition? I feel like this is not a "classic" English course for high school and I'm not sure how colleges would feel about it. Again, hi, new to high school and freaking out! Or should I just go with a whole year 9th grade English curriculum (I've been looking at Lantern English) and do Greek literature as an elective? I don't love this idea because she is interested in doing MP logic as an elective, but I'm open to opinions. If anyone has done a similar course for a high schooler before or can help in any way it will be highly appreciated!
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