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  1. @cintinative I realized that Kolbe is having a Shadow Week on May 3-6th (prospective students get to sit in on classes). My biggest reservation is the cost, so we're going to see if the classes are worth the price. We're hoping for some inquiry-based learning or just lots of discussion opportunities instead of just memorization and regurgitation. Excited to see how it goes! @Emily ZL Yes, Catholic Answers is where I default to whenever I am at loss for any of their inquiries. Thank you for all the suggestions. We are doing Homeschool Connections free 7-days trial of their recorded classes right now. So far, the instructors are very animated in their lectures. Unfortunately, when taking only 2 or so courses, MoDG comes out even pricier than Kolbe : ( Those graphic novels do look AMAZING. I have been looking for something like that. I arbitrarily picked up the Action Bible at a garage sale, and it has always been stolen away to some corner. @keirin I have just recently found the series, and we're working through it with my three younger ones. I am going to be patient and see how the series progress. I am also looking at the Didache Series, also published by Ignatius Press. I was thinking of just casually going through it with the older ones.
  2. Hello, I have lurked on the forum for awhile, but this time I have finally created an account and post. Next year is going to be my 2nd year homeschooling. I have a few little ones who will be requiring more one-on-one time. As a result, I will outsource at least religion/theology. I am also not well-versed enough to elaborate on so many of the questions that my children brings up. You see...I was raised and believe in "blind faith." That is, faith without the need for reasons and explanations. My children (7th and 9th graders) are exasperated at this and wants more reasons and logic. So, I want to get them into apologetics. They have taken Catechism classes locally and have done weekly Sunday school. However, our church really does not dig into the nitty gritty of the Catholic faith. For religion/theology, I am looking at providers like Homeschool Connections, Kolbe Academy, Angelicum Academy, Queen of Heaven Academy...? Does anyone have experience or heard much about those? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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