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  1. I chatted with the actual vision therapist, not the office staff. The original letter that was sent out combined treatment times, not accounting for working on multiple skills at one time. We are looking at more like 6-12 months, since we are only doing therapy every other week. She will have homework we are doing daily. We have limited resources were we live, also everything is via teletherapy here. The 6-12 months estimate was on the outside, so that was helpful to know. We reevaluate treatment every 10 sessions, so I'm pretty sure we're on a good path with where we are. I'm a former reading teacher and have looked into other phonological issues, although we have not done any formal testing. She does not have the typical dyslexia or dysgraphia issues and passes all the at home screening tests I've given her over the years. She has never liked reading, but vision issues would explain a large part of that. She does well with math, and is above grade level. Her auditory memory is good, and she has a high comprehension level when listening to information. She did well on all the reversal and single line tracking testing that eye therapy did. She has issues with multiple line tracking and some spatial issues, which goes with the convergence insufficiency. The plan is to work on the convergence and spatial awareness first, then add in tracking after a couple sessions. I looked at the CTOPP, I'm thinking it may be easiest and cheapest to buy the kit and do the test myself! Do you think this would be reasonable to do? I've administered a lot of standardized tests so am familiar with them. She hasn't been a fan of audiobooks in the past, but it has been awhile since we tried them. I'll look at getting some more and giving them a try again.
  2. I have a 10 (almost 11) year old daughter finishing up "5th grade." She was recently diagnosed with convergence insufficiency. She has started vision therapy, we're looking at an estimated 12-18 months of therapy. I'm looking for recommendations for a reading/language arts curriculum, that isn't super intensive. She is probably low-average as far as reading level goes, however she can't read for long periods of time without developing headaches and eye strain. I want her to continue with some kind reading and language arts program, without overwhelming her. She is the oldest of 5 kids, so my time to read and with her is also limited.
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