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  1. So if you hold back about 17% of your income for taxes, you should be good, right? Monique Stam
  2. Actually, I was wrong. The post HAS been posted http://www.prayingfornoah.com/2015/09/end-of-sabbatical.html
  3. I can tell you that Noah is doing well, and God is working. I suspect there will be an update on his blog sometime in the near future.
  4. I stumbled on a $50, Christian -based high school science program. Everything was online. They showed experiments and all. Subsequent kids in subsequent years could do it for $20 a year. I even talked to them on phone. Now I have NO idea what it was and can't find hide nor hair of 'em/ Anyone have a clue who I might be talking about? Monique
  5. Thanks. That is a good start. Does anyone know of a simple starter kit that would give an idea if this will be an abiding interest for him before we spend $200. Or does anyone know where to get one used?
  6. It seems there are several free elctronics courses out there. But I don't know which are good, and which are outdated. I also see several kits, but have no idea if they are overpriced. I am needing a recommendation for a 9th grade boy who struggles with math and dyslexia, but is interested in electronics. We are also on an extremely limited budget. Looking forward to your ideas! Oh, and for what it's worth, if there is any kind of "christian" influence, so much the better.
  7. We don't have an i-pad yet, though I would like to have one! I think this site may help you evaluate apps. http://apps-school.com/
  8. I don't know anything about Easter Seals or what services they can offer you. A PT will be able to pick up specific strengths and weaknesses and access the best way to address them. They will help set up attainable short and long term goals. And they will help you find activities and exercises to help your child attain them. I would definitely attend the session with your child and ask what homework you can do. You will make progress much more quickly that way. Take notes, and don't be afraid to ask them how to do it. hth Monique
  9. One thing that I'm glad we did when our dd had lots of therapies etc, was to take 2 years to do K. We just did it slowly. I wanted her to have a couple of hours a day to be a child. I'm glad I did that. On days that she didn't seem to get things, I would back down. Sometimes I'd have to back down to "just color". and be good with it. THe next day things would click. For her, doing some school computer work for 20-30 min first thing helped. It helped another dd to play the piano. And another ds to do a puzzle...try to find the thing that helps her focus. Also I like http://www.amazon.com/Making-Brain-Body-Connection-ebook/dp/B002EAYIV6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1345001975&sr=8-2&keywords=making+the+brain+body+connection

  10. Yes, DD was adopted from Jiangxi Province in April 2006 at 13 months. Now that I have insurance that covers therapy, she is going to PT/ST/OT 4 days a week for a total of 8 hours. I just started her with Kindergarten yesterday and we will do school in the morning. So many things concern me right now. Slow processing, poor short term memory, expressive language to name a few. She's 7 y/o and one minute she knows her alphabet and the next she doesn't. Her long term memory is excellent. I really believe that everything will turn out okay but I am just not sure of how long that will take or what path to take. Where does your DD work? I want to take Dallas back there one day. China was just so beautiful and rich in culture and history.


    Susie and Dallas

  11. I have homeschooled for nearly 2 decades and have 10 children. I have dealt with dyslexia, NVLD, Aspergers, Cognitive Disorder, Problem solving issues, slow processing, and fine motoer issues, but I'm stumped. After we moved 5 years ago, the good neuro-dev. program was no longer available.. Ok it's 16 hours away now. Excited. They take insurance and seemed to be what I was looking for. But then dh comes home from his new job (he was restructured out after 20 years..the joy of being middle management)....and told me we have 1000 deductible....per person. Guess what just happened to my wonderful evaluations I was looking forward to having. This is the deal. 11 year old boy. Normal developmentally. Reads fine outloud. But does not comprehend well when reading aloud or reading silently. He cannot get the directions in his math book, even after reading it 3 times. I can come over and walk through it and he gets it. It's not that he wants to be dependent on me. I've been around the block more than that. He is disturbed and frustrated. He has trouble w/ memorizing times tables. He can memorize large amounts of verbal material (like all 60 verses of Acts 7) I'm lost...any ideas?
  12. May the Lord direct you. I have been homeschooling almost 2 decades and have 10 children ages 5-22. I have nuero-typical children, and others who aren't. Let me know if I can help. No one answer fits everyone. I have my biases, but they may not be best for all. Monique
  13. Panda mom

    Welcome. I see you haven't been here terribly long. I tend to come and go. Can I safely assume your dd is adopted? My dd works there with disabled. orph. s.


    One of my dd's has Velocardiofacial syndrome, NVLD, Cog.Disorder, word finding problems, slow processing, and problem solving issues.


    Is there a particular part of her challenges that are the most concerning to you right now?


    mom to 10 ages 5-22

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