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  1. God Bless the women and men murdered that day, and all those lost in the 20 years since.
  2. Editor’s note: Following audience concerns over the efficacy and accuracy of the scientific methods used in the ivermectin study performed in Nigeria in 2011, the original publishing station, KTSM, issued the following correction: FOR THE RECORD: A national story regarding Ivermectin and a study regarding its effect on men’s reproductive health that KTSM published, has been removed from our website. Concerns over the scientific research methods, the veracity of the original, peer-reviewed report and public statements by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) saying that infertility is not a known side effect of Ivermectin all led to our editorial decision to remove the story. So you’re saying the study looked at men who took the animal version of Ivermectin? The story was taken down due to veracity issues
  3. Coercion is not a choice. It is immoral to coerce someone into a medical procedure.
  4. Well, she’s not listed on the philosophy dept website nor is she listed as teaching any classes this semester…and she was listed on prior years as having taught…
  5. Yes, very bad journalism. Very very bad. The story went EVERYWHERE…and it was accepted without question for DAYS… Because it fit the narrative. and everyone knows the retraction NEVER gets the exposure the original clickbait articles get.
  6. It is bc you are not in the Covid Circle of Trust
  7. So, I found this…bolded by me the weren’t dealing with ivermectin overdoses…that was just PART of the story that was wrong.
  8. Yeah, you claimed that before…not exactly sure where all these comments are, bc I looked for them and I didn’t find them. but I told you that before…
  9. do it daily. If you keep to daily as much as possible, your dog will keep using that same area. But as it gets filled up with poop, the “area” will get bigger and bigger as she finds a clean place to poop. You can use a hose to water down the pieces that get left or that are too mushy to pick up.
  10. No one cares about the truth. Apparently, according to other posters, the WTM board knew from the jump that the story didn’t make sense. LOL (too bad no one from here told rolling stone, slate, Rachel Maddox, etc) Ive since read the doctor said he was misquoted. So there’s a whole ‘nother spin.
  11. LOL…it’s a conversation. People are completely capable of not engaging if they don’t want to.
  12. That’s great marriage advice: slowly wear your spouse down until they think exactly how you want them to think /end sarcasm, in case it isn’t obvious
  13. Yeah, this doesn’t answer the question of who is doing the conditioning. Also, you changed the purpose of your point…that “Nearly every family has this somewhere in their extended family or maybe closer. ”
  14. I disagree with your first sentence. who is “conditioning” people to believe this?
  15. Yeah, no kidding. Someone must live in a bubble if they think relationship problems of this type are unusual.
  16. There’s thousands of apple varieties. And vast differences between types. If my husband wanted a different variety, he’s an adult that can buy whatever he wants. And people’s preferences vary…there are varieties people in my house love that other people don’t enjoy at all. You can’t force people to like something.
  17. That Iowa doctor works in a hospital with only 27 staffed beds. (American Hospital Directory) The way he is talking…he has to send ALL or ANY patient who needs critical care to another hospital. This article says there are 297 ICU beds available in Iowa, as of 3 Sept. The health department reports 143 patients in intensive care, up from 133 the previous week. There are 66 patients on ventilators, up from 51 a week ago. IDPH reports approximately 2,260 inpatient beds available in the state, with 297 ICU beds https://www.kcci.com/article/iowa-covid-hospitalizations-sept-2/37463011#
  18. LOL…I thought “if you can walk to the neighbors, you don’t live in the country”
  19. No, actually, the doctor said this: But at last week’s court hearing, Waghsul was only able to say that the patient “seems to be” getting better after receiving the drug and said, “I honestly don’t know,” when asked if continued use of ivermectin would benefit him, Judge Oster said in his ruling.
  20. Second article is horrible…hospitals and doctors on a power trip. if someone is in desperate shape and the hospital won’t prescribe or won’t extend privileges, it is no longer about patient care. It’s about power and maintaining status quo. disgusting
  21. Yeah, I skimmed all the posts after the false story post and didn’t see anything refuting it. There’s a chance I missed something. Shrug. No one posted that it is well and truly false, as verified by the actual hospital.
  22. This story is false. We at NHS-Sequoyah have not seen or had any patients in our ER or hospital with ivermectin overdose,"Six said. "We have not had any patients with complaints or issues related to ivermectin." The KFOR interview with Dr. McElyea stated that he was associated with the Sallisaw hospital. Six wants the public to know that he does not speak for NHS-Sequoyah and there have been no such issues at her facility. Six stated that Dr. McElyea has treated patients in the Sallisaw emergency room but not in the past several months. "I can't speak for what he has witnessed at other facilities but this in not true for ours," Six said. "We certainly have not turned any patients away due to an overload of ivermectin related cases. All patients who have come into our ER have been treated as appropriate." https://www.kxmx.com/post/ivermectin-overdose-not-an-issue-at-sallisaw-emergency-room-or-hospital
  23. Has your son checked in with you?
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