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  1. Okay. I see what you mean. This, I have been doing more of lately, but it’s not noticeable on the surface.
  2. I guess I’m not a truth teller in that sense because I don’t call them out on things. In past experience, that doesn’t go over too well. I have heard about the “truth teller”, though. Maybe it was from Dr. Ramini. It makes sense that some personality types do make certain people who call them out to be scapegoats. They can’t easily control someone who is onto them, so that person has to be a bad egg so their fragile sense of self is preserved. However, I am the only person who sees this person in a different light. The only one. A lifetime of difficult relationship, then having revelations through learning and reading. This is interesting …we just talked about golden child, too. Maybe we should do a thread for all the topics. Flying monkeys, fleas, triangulation, etc.
  3. I think that’s a good plan. I’ve had this exact same thought.
  4. I was just thinking this. I need her for a life coach.
  5. Can you objectively think about it in the terms of someone did some things TO you? That person made that choice. That person could have done the same to a different person had you not been available. That person did bad things and made you feel bad, but you are NOT bad. The behavior of that person was bad. Not YOU. Your self worth should not be defined by that. Please don’t let them have that power. Ruminate on that over and over until you believe it, because it’s true. You don’t have to forgive. Just let go. Really let go. It takes time, but really begin to believe there is absolutely no reason for you to let someone else make you feel this way. Anyone. These things were done to you, but you don’t have to believe this is what your self worth is made of. You have a right to change your thinking, and let yourself believe in you. You know I can relate, and I’m on your side. We all are. We can help remind you if needed. You don’t necessarily have to forgive, but you can let go….and you don’t have to believe bad things about yourself just because someone else wants/wanted you to. Edit: Forgot to give you your heart ❤️
  6. Can’t eat that. Or flax seeds. Or almonds, walnuts, and most other nuts. I get omega fat only from flax oil. Thank goodness I can tolerate peanuts.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08138BTMJ?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image This tailgate protector that will hold four bikes! What a great alternative to very expensive bike racks and hitches! We gave ds my car out of necessity and our bike rack went along with it. Ds rides, and it wouldn’t fit my new car anyway. So I researched and found a rack and hitch to accommodate my new car. But SO expensive for one that wasn’t flimsy. Then Dh got a new truck and we just started throwing our bikes in the back of it. I thought, well, eventually we’ll find something. We’re planning a road trip to visit a different son and Dh doesn’t want to travel with our bikes just thrown in the truck bed like that. I was disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to take our bikes. That night he asked me to pull up tailgate protectors on my iPad. I was like, why do we need that when you have a spray in liner? When I saw it, I was thinking…WHAT is THIS? It’s more of a biking transport system than a tailgate protector! To me, anyway. For $89.00 we can transport four bikes!! I didn’t know these existed! The only thing is, you can’t actually lock the bikes down to make them secure from theft, unless your truck has something physical to anchor to. The bikes do velcro securely in place, though. Dh might figure something out, but we can do without it if need be. The bikes don’t need to be left unattended in our case, anyway. Sorry this is getting long, but this is a good way to haul lots of bikes for not a lot of money!
  8. Before we pulled ds out of public school in 4th grade, I had to sign him in late (Dr. appointment) one morning. You had to state a reason for signing in late on the blank line beside your name. Right above my name, the reason the mom gave for signing in late with her son was “Boy slow.” We still laugh about that to this day.
  9. Soror, I love it and think it’s funny, but I’m sorry I’m fooling around on your thread. I’m surprised you haven’t said your worst pet peeve is people who hijack threads. 😛
  10. If you buy people who chew with their mouth open for $20.00, I’ll sell you people who throw trash from their window as they drive at a steep discount of $25.00. 😬
  11. Spryte, when my MIL broke her hip, she went from hospital to rehab. She wasn’t able to do much for several weeks. I had doubts she would be able to recover. She’s in her 80’s. She did slowly make progress. She went home. She used a wheel chair for awhile, then a walker. One of her grandchildren lives with her, so she has help. These days, she is up doing things. She’s not as strong as before the fall, but I didn’t know at first if she would even be doing as good as she is now. It does seem to take a long time. I’m so sorry to hear this. I really hope she can make good progress in the coming weeks.
  12. Me, too! 🤭Thought it might be a just for fun thread of some sort. I was already thinking of two pet peeves I would love to sell. What an example of taking things literally. Lol.
  13. @Mrs Tiggywinkle, I want to thank you for what you do, as well. Much appreciation to any one here who is involved in fire, rescue, or any other related under-appreciated and over-worked field, especially in these times.
  14. I’m a one thing at a time kind of person and a major list maker. I finally ditched all paper planners (including EC!). I figured out how to make Google Calendar work for me. Now that I’m used to it, I find that it works much better. I can click and drag a task to another day if it doesn’t get done today. There is a task bar on the side for non time sensitive tasks. All birthdays are plugged in permanently (on repeat) and infinitely, so I don’t have to remember to rewrite them every year and risk forgetting a birthday, which has happened. I put what’s for dinner in the calendar each week. I use color coding for different tasks. For example bills due and scheduled deposits are purple. Meals are yellow. I keep the calendar minimized in my task bar all the time. It’s also in my phone and IPad so I can look at it anywhere and anytime. I’ll never have to buy another planner again. For business, I just set the iPad on my desk and open the calendar. Now I have a tax /business calendar and a month view for payroll. It doesn’t lie flat on my desk, taking up all the desk space. I can see the time, and I can play music or nature sounds. Beats any planner I’ve ever had, and I wish I had started using it years ago. I mark stuff off the calendar as it gets done, but I leave certain things in. For example, I leave vet and medical appointments in so I can reference them to see when so and so went to the dentist or to see when the cat’s last rabies vax was. I don’t do well focusing on more than one thing at a time, but having good organization really helps. I like doing one thing to my satisfaction before moving on to the next, but I know it’s not realistic to expect it to always work out that way.
  15. My dh takes the leaf blower and blows off my trail, clearing away the sweet gum balls and leaves so I won’t trip.
  16. Wow. To say that is strongly-worded is an understatement! But it sends a, well, pretty clear message.
  17. Scarlett, I’m so, so sorry. I wish I had some good advice.
  18. It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?
  19. Younger son (also engineering) just replied, “Yes, accurate.” I hope you believe me, lol! I texted them each separately, too. So funny.
  20. @TheReader, sounds like fun! I saw your food tray on the other thread. It looks wonderful. It’s too bad we can’t really do this! I think I hear the Callas Dowboys playing now. I’m going to stay here in the bed and read and browse. (And I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t keep track of the ball!)
  21. I just texted this to my older son (engineering). He just responded, “Accurate.” 🤣🤣Lol. My younger son hasn’t responded. I love this one.
  22. Hey!! I started a new thread to poke fun at us folks who aren’t into sports so that everyone can carry on with the fall TV shows list. 😁
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