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  1. Any ideas? Something simple and easy that would cover some beginning basics but that he could do on his own? Thanks for any ideas.
  2. These are some amazing ideas, thank you everyone! The kids won't have to do everything individually, but this year will be different because I'll be working part-time. I just won't have as many hours to teach them. I appreciate all of these recommendations!
  3. I would love any and all suggestions for specific curriculum that works well for kids to do independently (any subject). I've been homeschooling for 6 years but normally spend a lot of time working with each kid individually. I'm a bit of a control freak and my kids are extraverts who enjoy learning with me. For the upcoming school year, we will have a lot on our plates and I will need them to do some things on their own. Hit me with your suggestions! Thank you.
  4. This is pretty much what we've done for elementary. In theory we school 5 days a week, but they attend an enrichment program 1 day a week (all elective classes) and then I'd say most weeks we end up taking one other day off for a field trip, playdate with friends, visits to family, or travel. We do go year-round, with a bit of a longer break in the summer. My kids have done fine academically, above grade level in math and reading. We don't strictly follow the Well Trained Mind method though. We've taken a very relaxed approach to history and science in elementary.
  5. Just wondering how common this is and if there are any big drawbacks. We are not going the Latin route. My kids will be going into 6th, 3rd, and 1st grades in the fall. I expect we'll want to learn Spanish, as it's prevalent in our area. Are there any big issues with waiting until high school to start Spanish? In general, when it comes to high school transcripts, etc.? I feel a bit overwhelmed homeschooling the 3 kids and think taking that off our plate until high school may help...I have foreign language on my list every year and we never end up getting to it. Thanks in advance for any perspective!
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