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  1. Regarding the testing, I don't actually have written results, they were shared with us in a meeting (long story why we don't have it in writing, but I will ask for it - I feel not everything you mentioned was tested). WWE - we started on it late in the year, so didn't finish it. Towards the end of last year it also seemed she got bored with it. But she did it just fine, though the copy work included words beyond her reading level. How is this going? Can she narrate what she hears or reads about? How are her narrations? SOTW is going great, she can answer questions and narrate no problem. How is this going? Like English, she started on it in kindergarden and was never able to catch on to the reading. I dropped it last year when we first homeschooled to focus on English, but I want to introduce it again this year. Thank you for your insights, appreciate it a lot.
  2. My 2nd/3rd daughter has struggled with reading since kindergarten. She was always the youngest in her class (Dec 23rd when the cutoff is Dec 31st), which might be part of it. Covid erupted when she was in 1st grade and she finished that year not reading. Last year (2nd grade) we homeschooled and did AAR level 1. It went slowly, but we finished level 1 and she now can decode any words that correspond to what was taught in AAR level 1, though doesn't read fluently. (We got her evaluated at the end of 1st grade. She doesn't have any learning disability they could detect at 6.5 years old, if anything, she is above average in most areas tested). This year, we are continuing with AAR level 2, but I would like to accelerate the reading, because it is affecting her self esteem ("all my friends already know how to read"), as well as expand on LA in age-appropriate ways. Also, last year I found we didn't do AAR every day - it was hard so she tried to avoid it some days, and I didn't insist every time. To add variety and support the learning, I was thinking of adding one or a couple of the following: 1. Explode the Code, starting in book 2 as a review and covering 2 more books 2. FLL level 1 - I looked through it and it seems to be too slow and basic for her, but I could use it, one week on one week off, in the off weeks continue with WWE1 which we started last year but only got half way thru. 3. Lightning Lit & Comp - grade 2 (she loves reading books with me) 4. Bookshark LA grade 1 5. WriteShop Junior B (she loves the idea of "publishing" a book) My questions: 1. Which curricula can work well with AAR2, support the reading process and expand on it? 2. If she is still learning to read, should I even bother with grammar, spelling, writing etc? 3. How many minutes of LA in a day is enough? too much? her attention span is not great, and also we are doing math, science, history (listening to SOTW) and Hebrew. Thank you.
  3. We used Basics of Critical Thinking in grade 6 and loved it. I am actually looking at what to do with him in grade 7. I with CTC had a next level for this book.
  4. Thank you for the wealth of information, the comments and the suggestions. All very appreciated! About Literature: Your comments on LLATL were spot on, so probably not a good choice for us. I like what I see of LL 8, but I am not sure how to get it in Canada (anyone knows?). So perhaps I will go with the individual books idea. DD is interested in fantasy, mystery, and adventure books. She loved Harry Potter, Percy Jackson. She recently read an Agatha Christie and enjoyed it, she might be willing to read a Jane Austen, or the Hobbit. She hated the Animal Farm (they did it at school). I don't think she would want at this point to read anything with a very heavy subject matter. If I go with 2-3 books till the end of the year, what would you recommend? whose guides are better - https://stores.progenypress.com/ or https://blackbirdandcompany.com/? did anyone try https://www.hidethechocolate.com/book-club-landing-page/ ? About history: Very good point on needing something extra for her in addition to the Bookshark G. Any ideas what could work? for now, she is not very interested in the historical fictions that go with Bookshark G either (The Golden Goblet for example). Perhaps she will be more interested in future books. About writing: I am not very comfortable with grading her written work. I am a pretty good writer myself, considering I never learned to write formally (English is a second language for me). I can spot spelling, grammatical and styling errors, but cannot quite explain why they are wrong 🙂 So yes, an outside service would be a very good idea, or at least a curriculum that spells out how to grade. Thank you for the tips on WordSmith and Jump In. I noticed Jump In is from Writing with Sharon Watson. How is the Illuminating Literature series by her? is it very Christian? (we are not.) Thanks again!
  5. I am new to these forums. I've been homeschooling my 2nd and 6th grade kids since the beginning of the year, but my 9th grade is only joining now (been in school until a month ago). She is very bright (gifted), and likes to read but hates writing. Her writing is not where it should be in my opinion. Perhaps she was never properly ttaught. We've figured out math and science for her. We will probably go with Wordsmith for writing and Fix It 1 for grammar. She will join what we are already doing with Bookshark G for history. The missing piece is literature, which is where I'm looking for recommendations. She is going through a spell of mild anxiety and depression, and doesn't have the patience for "heavy lifting". I'd like the curriculum to be challenging enough to be interesting for her but not so "academic" as to bore or frustrate her. Ideally, it would be structured (by days, weeks). I'm not worried about credits at this point. Given that there are only a few months left to the school year, I've been debating between: - Lightning Lit, level 8 or perhaps one of the high school ones. - Essentials in Literature level 9 - LLATL Gold - a couple novel studies (hidthechocolate.com, Progency etc) Any ccomment or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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