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  1. Yes, we've talked about university and how he'll have to learn to take notes whether he wants to or not, lol. And I say he struggles with auditory input but as I think about it... does he really? He's taking an online course this year, and has had no issue at all learning from listening to the teacher (and it's primarily lecture style with a few visuals thrown in). Granted it was a course he was interested in. So maybe I should rephrase this all as: my son finds history boring and as such struggles to learn from auditory methods, and needs visuals to make it more interesting for him so he'll remember easier, so what can I use? The post-its is a great idea. And you may have just hit the nail on the head: "the intent of every reading assignment isn't necessarily to read for pleasure". And honestly, I have very much made it that way. My goal for learning has always been enjoyment of learning, so I suspect I haven't pushed him as much as I could have. Probably because I wanted to give him the opposite of my own educational experience (bor-ing! not to mention arbitrary).
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