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  1. Has anyone taken the Immersive Latin 1 at CLRC? I am looking for reviews. We are trying to decide between Latin 1 or Immersive Latin. What do you think of starting Latin with Lingua Latina vs Oxfords Latin. My son has no prior experience with Latin, I am trying to figure out what class and text will be good for a beginner. He is going into 8th in the Fall.
  2. Please help me understand, what is going on with Math education in the US. I’ve read about several states trying to do away with Advanced Math in schools. Is it social justice or are these lawmakers seeing something that I just don’t get.
  3. It’s fine, unless you put butter or some other type of fat on it.
  4. What was unsatisfactory about your experience? We are considering using them this summer for Physics, but I haven’t found any reviews.
  5. My dd has very heavy periods from the beginning. She wears overnight pads during the day. She also has the period underwear, they have been a godsend.
  6. Dd13 Junior lifeguard and church camp. She will also help as an assistant at swim camp. She also has swim team.
  7. The Canadian contest look very good. What level do you think will be around AMC 10?
  8. I am looking for math contest around AMC 10 level. My dd has been using Alcumus and old AMC exams to study for the AMC 10. Are there other contests or resources that she can practice with? I am also looking for recommendations on how to get ready for math contest in general. Math contest world is very new to me.
  9. We just watch this video today. It was long, but a great video. Thanks
  10. What settings do you use for alcumus? I have it set on normal, should I set it harder. If it is set on normal will my dd eventually get to the harder problems, just at a slower pace. Or is it that you will never see the really hard problems if it’s set at normal level.
  11. I have you tried this class? I look at it for my daughter.
  12. Sounds like a great idea. There are very few advanced math apps, that really teach.
  13. My daughter is interested in Latin for next school year. She is a rising 7th grader. What Latin classes or curriculum do you recommend?
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