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  1. I wanted to thank everyone so much for your help and direction. I have a plan in place and now just need to follow up with some scheduling/organizing. Your ideas were very helpful, and we have taken them to heart. We discussed not graduating early, Latin exploration, and I contacted TeenPact last week. Thanks again - I really appreciate it.
  2. @8filltheheart @RootAnn I found the textbook, the workbook, Latin reader, Scribblers, Sculptors, and Scribes, and 38 Latin Stories. All are listed as things that accompany Wheelock's Latin. I don't mind buying all of the necessary resources, but is there a guide somewhere that integrates them? ETA: I've written my own guides/lesson plans before, but I really know nothing about Latin.
  3. Got it. I think we will go this route. Thanks so much for all your help. been
  4. I’m sorry. Wheelock’s. I will look at your link. Thank you!
  5. Really?? This does not seem to be the online consensus. Were your kids able to use it? I would prefer to use this one, as it seems to be the "better" option.
  6. Hi there! We will need something streamlined and organized. If I have to go find extra resources in the midst of the school year to help her along, we are less likely to succeed, even if the material is "better." I have learned that about myself, and I am okay with it, but it just means that all planning/organizing has to be done ahead of time. That is why I felt like Henle was the better fit when doing my research this week. Is there a good way to organize or purchase organized materials for Wheelock's?
  7. I'm so sorry, but I can't find any info on this using the search option. There also aren't a ton of reviews online. Someone sent me a link to Visual Latin, and I was curious if anyone had used it or heard of it? If so, is it appropriate for a high school course? (I believe the student would have to complete Levels 1 and 2 in one year for a full credit.) I have never heard of it.
  8. Thank you! What did you think of the Memoria Press support materials? Quizzes, etc.?
  9. Can someone who has used this course tell me about how long it takes to complete? I have read conflicting opinions online. Thank you!
  10. I have a question about Henle Latin. Should I start another thread, or can someone answer here for me? I want to know how many years it takes to finish Henle First Year. I have read conflicting information on that.
  11. Funny, this exactly what we have struggled with over here, and it IS convoluted. Right now, I am calling her a 9th grader. She took some college classes last year, and her math/science/foreign language were all high school level so can be counted toward high school. We can't count the history, english, etc she took last year unless we call her last year's school 9th, effectively skipping 8th grade. Since that pigeon holes us some, we are just calling her a 9th grader for now, and we will just graduate her her Junior year if we decide to go that route. I now know that credits issued won't be an issue for graduation (she will have plenty). So, to clarify, we are calling her a freshman, but she may not need all four years at home. Calling her a freshman allows her to make that choice later. Does that make sense? She just turned 15 and will be a sophomore next year. I'll have her take the PSAT then and then again her Junior year, regardless of graduation date. She will also take the ACT at least once a year.
  12. @UmmIbrahimShe will only have skipped one grade at all by the time we are done. I think my brain being all over the place is confusing people on this point and maybe some others. But I completely agree. Thank you for your encouragement to really dive into her passion and find something she can do to highlight/leverage her dance passion and proficiency. I will look into this.
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