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  1. Around here they are definitely hiring. My high school/college kids have been hired for 6 new jobs in the last 15 months. (All but one job was during Covid; two jobs replaced ones lost due to the pandemic.) Another interviews next week for a grocery store job that she applied for online. None of my were looking for summer only work right now, but I have older ones who lifeguarded or worked at summer camp or did full time babysitting. Those jobs were all summer only jobs. These 6 jobs were found in different ways. Two employers had signs saying interviewing now my kids went in and interviewed/were hired on the spot. (One was a retail store and one was a fast food) Two were hired, because they had friend, working there, who recommended my kid. I don’t know how a college kid was hired at one place, but I do know he never heard back from two places he applied for online.) The last one was hired after walking into a new store and asking if they were hiring. This food place was in a large shopping center and he went into 3 other places the same afternoon. One wasn’t hiring. At the other two he was given an application to fill out and told to bring it back or told to apply online. He didn’t do either since the 4th store hired him on the spot.
  2. I happened to eat dinner tonight with an old friend who majored in zoology with a minor in English before going to medical school.
  3. Kennesaw State Home Educated Students Students attending non-accredited homeschools are required to complete the homeschool portfolio and take the Accuplacer through our testing center. You may sign up for the Accuplacer at testing.kennesaw.edu. The following are the minimum Accuplacer test scores to be considered for admission: 237 on the Reading Comprehension test 258 on the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics test 4 on the WritePlacer test And a 7 page portfolio https://admissions.kennesaw.edu/admissions-requirements/docs/Home Ed Portfolio 19-20.pdf
  4. Georgia Southern has special requirements, but you need to call to find out what they are. Students from accredited homeschool programs should meet regular admission criteria. Applicants graduating from non-accredited homeschools or high schools must meet the admission criteria required of other applicants but may demonstrate their graduation and completion of the RHSC in an alternative way, including a course portfolio. Please contact your admissions counselor for additional information.
  5. Georgia State: Students attending a home-school program approved by any of these accreditation agencies should apply like traditional high school applicants. Georgia (or any other state’s) Accrediting Commission Georgia Private School Accrediting Commission Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools New England Association of Schools and Colleges North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Northwest Accreditation Commission Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges If you were educated at a non-accredited high school or through a home-school program that hasn’t been approved by Georgia State, you’re considered a home-school applicant. Home-school applicants must also be able to demonstrate completion of the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) requirements as mandated by the Board of Regents: SUBJECT: UNITS: COURSES: ENGLISH 4 Any 4 English or language arts. MATH 4 Algebra I, algebra II, geometry and 1 higher-level math. NATURAL SCIENCE 4 1 life science/lab, 1 physical science/lab and 2 science electives. SOCIAL SCIENCE 3 1 U.S. history, 1 world history and 1 social science elective. FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 Both units must be the same language. American Sign Language is acceptable. Portfolio. You can demonstrate RHSC competence by submitting a portfolio detailing your years of high school study if you meet the following criteria: SAT score of at least 1230 (critical reading and math) or an ACT score of at least 23 (composite) Board of Regents’ minimum criteria for each section: SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of at least 480 and SAT Math score of at least 440 ACT English or Reading score of at least 17 and ACT Math score of at least 17 SAT and ACT test scores must be submitted electronically directly from the testing organization. To satisfy the RHSC requirement, your portfolio must include the following information: A transcript listing courses taken by year Course title Course description List of course learning materials, including textbooks and software Course credit Year completed Grade earned Source (public school, private school, correspondence program, or home generated curriculum) Letter of completion. A letter from the primary teacher or program administrator certifying completion of high school and date of high school graduation.
  6. I’m pretty sure it was a public school, but I don’t remember the name. I searched for Georgia and homeschool applicants. Here is what I found. (I also found the UConn requirements in the search results for some reason.) Here is Georgia College: Home Schooled Students: Georgia College welcomes qualified home schooled applicants and applicants from non-accredited high schools. Georgia College and the Board of Regents have established guidelines for admission of home schooled students and students from non-accredited/recognized high schools. Students with a diploma from a regionally accredited home study program such as the American School or the Seton Home Study School or a diploma from the Center of the Accrediting Council for Independent Study (Georgia only) will be given the same consideration for admission as a student from a public high school. Admission of home schooled students from programs not included in the previous paragraph and students from non-accredited schools will be made based on students having an SAT or ACT test score equal to or above the average score of the previous year's entering freshman class, (the average SAT for freshmen enrolled Fall 2014 was 1157, the equivalent ACT composite score is 25) and providing a portfolio and/or other evidence of having the equivalent of the Georgia high school college preparatory curriculum as defined by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Supplementary documentation may include scores on the Iowa Test for Academic Proficiency, the California Achievement Test, or the Stanford Achievement Test. Students may also be considered for admission based on the regular freshman evaluation process AND meeting or exceeding the following SAT II subject exam scores and showing proficiency with a foreign language equivalent to two years of high school foreign language completion. The required SAT II subject exams and minimum scores are as follows. (So an ITBS test counts as validation? Seems strange, but relatively easy for homeschooling families to provide.) MINIMUM SCORES The chart didn’t copy correctly. Foreign language proficiency must be satisfied by completing a college level foreign language class with a grade of "C" or better at another accredited/recognized college or university OR provide GC with your College Level Examination Program (CLEP) score of at least 50, or by passing a proficiency exam
  7. This is from UConn’s website. Application information may fit in a box, but our applicants shouldn’t. Certain populations require additional components to the application. The other population are fine arts applicants, which makes sense. The homeschool application requirements: ”Home-schooled applicants are asked to submit transcripts and an outline of their academic curriculum. Please ensure that your outline is specific and comprehensive. Students should submit syllabi, a portfolio or learning log, standardized test scores (optional), and official college transcripts, if applicable. Please indicate whether the curriculum has been conducted under an accredited program. Documentation should verify that the home-school program meets the high school graduation requirements of the applicant’s home town.” How would you document home town high school graduation requirements? Is there such a thing In Connecticut?
  8. I talked to a neighbor today whose 2021 college grad, a biology major, will start med school in fall. One of my college grads had numerous friends in chemical engineering who are in med school now. I also know a current nursing major, who is taking pre-med requirements to keep that door open.
  9. My college kids received it, and, my college grad’s doctor recommended the booster and the B one recently even though she doesn’t live in communal housing.(actually, I don’t if the doctor knows my daughter’s housing situation or not
  10. Clothing with her college’s name and/logo. We’ve done shirts, sweatshirts, flannel pj pants, jackets. I’ve also done beach towels for one with a spring birthday.
  11. Way to go. That is a huge accomplishment.
  12. I’m so sorry that life is upside down right now. Praying that this weekend with your kids is a great one and that the June court date fixes at least some of the wrongs.
  13. I remember reading on here, or a different website, about another school in Georgia that had ridiculous extras for homeschool graduates. I will try to see if I can find it.
  14. I have heard that one recently,including from one of my young adults. This is how I say it in my head, however, my young adult recently told me I was wrong when I said it out loud. I spent part of my childhood somewhere known for odd pronunciations, so I wasn’t sure if this was one of another one of those.
  15. Iowa state has a virtual summer program that includes industrial design. I don’t completely understand how it works, but here is a link to check it out. https://www.design.iastate.edu/future-students/k-12-experiences/k12outreach/ I also found this article that gave some insight to what industrial engineers can do. https://www.news.iastate.edu/news/2019/06/25/backcountry?c=industrial-design
  16. There are industrial design camps at Kansas Schools this summer. They will be virtual https://apdesign.k-state.edu/academics/visit-opportunities/summer-design-experience.html https://design.ku.edu/designcamp cincinatti does too https://daap.uc.edu/community/DAAPcamps.html
  17. Thanks. In this case she was accepted at the University of Texas, just not into the engineering school. She had a great GPA, test scores, AP science and math classes. She had not “demonstrated interest in engineering.“ She was told she should have taken “engineering electives” in high school. Her parents are both professional engineers, so no one in family thought she needed classes to introduce her to engineering. (They still don’t since she has other gifts too.) Instead, she took art classes as her electives, because she is good at math and art. She was also on the dance team, which met during a regular class period. This year it met during the same period as AP Physics, so she had to take the honors version instead. In looking at Texas schools, it looks like Texas a&m has programs like George Mason. I can’t remember why, but she didn’t apply to Texas a&m. I’m sure her younger siblings will apply to both as well as other Texas schools. She was accepted to Baylor, but she received better scholarships/cost for her parents alma mater, an OOS state school. She has a couple of cousins, who are there now studying engineering. She was very late in making this decision, and she was originally told there was no available on-campus housing. However, the next day someone called her to offer a spot in a theme dorm/community that she qualified for. I do understand why some colleges feel they need direct admission programs, however, those schools lose out on talented students, who don’t follow the typical path. Should she have given up her leadership role on the dance team to take AP physics?
  18. I’m so glad to hear your daughter will have her choice of schools and not need to rule out the favorite because of money.
  19. This post brings up some important topics to think about when choosing a program. It all comes down to personal preference for some of these things. If you follow the link to Cincinnati’s program, you will see it is a full 5-year program. You will want to check how programs work with scholarships. When looking at the different schools, she will want to look closely at how long it will take to graduation under the plan at each school to compare apples to oranges. . My engineer looked at a school with a similar co-op program, and students still paid tuition those semesters. While looking at that school and others, I learned co-op means different things at different places. At some schools it means working for x company for x amount of semesters. At others, students work at a different company each co-op term. My engineer planned to participate in the optional co-op at her school. However, freshman year she decided she liked being on campus too much to want to leave campus during the regular academic year to co-op. (She decided this winter of freshman year after participating in an on-campus co-op interviews and receiving multiple offers. Instead, she did 3 summer internships each summer. She graduated having worked for 3 different companies and she appreciated seeing the different ways the different companies worked and handled employees, etc. She may want to see if any colleges have summer programs/camps to introduce high school students to industrial engineering. ETA I also forgot something to consider when looking at industrial design programs. Are students accepted into the program as a freshman? Or do students need to apply/be accepted into the program once they have started college? If the apply, when is that? How competitive is that; I personally would want real numbers. For students not accepted, can they apply again? Does that ever work out for a student?
  20. definitely check if your state qualifies for in-state somewhere else. An old friend’s daughter was accepted OOS for industrial design at Georgia Tech, but it was ridiculously expensive for their upper middle class family. They will have two in college the whole time she was in school. There were no in-state options for industrial design, so they looked at colleges with merit aid. She has a sophomore and has had one remote internship. Here is a link to colleges with national merit scholarships, so you could check against schools offering industrial design. https://www.collegetransitions.com/dataverse/national-merit-scholarships
  21. Since there are not a ton of schools that offer Industrial Design, I think that makes it easier to find where to apply. Here is a link of industrial design programs by the professional organization for industrial designers. https://www.idsa.org/education/id-schools You’ll notice some are at art schools and others at universities. Is she open to both kinds of schools? This link talks about the possible differences that between art schools and universities. It also lists some schools in both categories. https://www.theartcareerproject.com/schools/industrial-design/ I came across this link when trying to find the accreditation link. info.https://www.myplan.com/majors/colleges-that-offer-this-degree.php?cip=50.0404&offset=20
  22. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/30/us/virtual-graduation-coronavirus.html
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