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  1. @desertflower Thank you! I have not heard of stealth dyslexia.
  2. @Noreen Claire Thank you! I almost mentioned hearing as well. It seems based off the advice I'm getting, a phone call to our pediatrician is in order.
  3. @historically accurate This was extremely helpful! May I ask how you had your daughter tested for dysgraphia? Was it through your daughter's doctor? Thank you again for sharing.
  4. Hello, I'm really concerned about my 5th grader and the fact that she can't spell words. This does not just include difficult words, but easy words that you can phonetically sound out and spell correctly. She is a wonderful reader. She reads and comprehends above her grade level. She also writes well, by which I mean her stories are very interesting and well thought out. She just can't spell. A few examples: bridge - bringe mention- manchim pond- poud She frequently spells they- the, as well as and - in. Is this normal still for 11? Should I be concerned
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