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  1. I have a 9th grader who I am homeschooling for this first time this year. Prior to this year he attended public school and was an "A-B" student. Now that we are teaching him we are finding lots of holes in his education. He has trouble with reading comprehension, writing, uses low level vocabulary in his writing, and often uses grammar rules incorrectly. I am using First Language Lessons with my 1st grader and love it. Would the Intermediate Grammar be a good place to start with my 9th grader to fill in these holes in his education? I am also looking into the Writing with Skill level 1 books. I worry these may be low a grade level for a High Schooler but he really does need some remedial help. If anyone knows a reference for vocabulary work please let me know. We have added lots of reading both on your own reading and my husband and I reading aloud to him as part of our curriculum. Thanks!
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