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  1. I am having this exact same problem! It all started after tapatalk was installed...I have uninstalled from all of my devices...gone on here and stopped all notifications but still getting thousands of emails on every topic!!! Please help!!!
  2. Yes! Especially when you've only had said new appliance for two months and it's already messed up!
  3. This summer we will do more school than we normally do because DH is deployed and we want to get ahead so we can take a month or so off when he returns...my plan is to school M -W math, reading, spelling, writing with a few fun projects thrown in. We will take 3 full weeks off for vacations and such. That's my plan on paper - we shall see how it works in practice..lol.
  4. I could have written your post myself! I'll share a couple of things that have been life changing for me...first, I hired someone to come clean once a week. I got over the guilt of not being able to do it all. Best decision I've made! I'm very thrifty but this is worth every penny and I will scrimp in other areas to keep her coming! It keeps all of us accountable to keep things in good order so she can clean...it allows me to spend more time with family and makes me much more hospitable because I'm not always concerned with the condition of our house. Plus, she is a fellow homeschool m
  5. We are using RSO life...we love it! We will be doing their earth and space next year.
  6. I highly recommend the Audio cd..we listen to it in the car all the time and its amazing the retention! I do use the cards a lot...I keep them in page protectors inside half size 3 ring binders...I clip the 7 we study each week onto our memory board.
  7. We already use the CC resource list, it's worked ok but sometimes it's hard to find the books when needed, and many times if I do get them they sit on the shelf. Sonlight has always intrigued me...I'm probably just trying to come up with an excuse to finally use it..lol. Thanks for your thoughts!
  8. We've done cc the past two years. I use cc as my science base and add lots of library books and supplemented this year with R.S.O. Life...it was a great fit. I will probably use RSO Earth& Space next year to supplement cycle 2.
  9. Was it a good match? I'm specifically thinking of core C along with Cycle 2 next year. I will have a 1st and 3rd grader. I know it won't match up perfectly, but need more accountability adding in books and such to enhance our learning. Thanks!
  10. We are in the same boat with my DD, we had exactly 10 lessons left, but I am just moving on to the next level and skipping them. No new concepts were taught in those last lessons and the new level has review built in to the first lessons. I felt it would just be busy work to make ME feel better, so we are moving on :)
  11. I can't say enough good things about CBS! We've been involved for the past 6 years and I've taught in our children's program for 5. The "rules" for not mentioning denom, politics, etc have never been an issue for me. The fellowship you gain in your core groups is wonderful. The study does require time to complete during the week and is in-depth. I have grown so much in my understanding of the Bible, some of my favorite books to study have been Revelation and Daniel. I also serve on the Servant's team and can attest to the fact that much prayer is involved in every decision made for th
  12. Sell your gold...I just sold a pair of earrings and a ring that I haven't worn in years. Honestly, I didn't even like them...made almost $200!
  13. SOTW and lots of library books for history. RSO Life for Science...I've already matched it up...I'll probably also purchase RSO Earth & Space to use the 2nd semester.
  14. I was referring to the Abacus book, the Math games book and cards, the appendices book, CDs, plus the manipulatives. Thanks!
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