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  1. The PTA at my dn’s school has alcohol basket or wine tasting baskets at their spring fundraiser every year. My dd’s swim team will also include wine tasting, boating on the bay and a bottle of wine or champagne, and also baskets with alcohol as well. It’s fairly common to see alcohol as part of a raffle in my area.
  2. We didn’t do rhyming with ds. He was tested in 3rd grade by his charter school and tested 10 grade reading. So in our case, I don’t think rhyming matters.
  3. I know a couple tennis families at Elite. They are very flexible and will work with athletes. We are a swim family and they have been very good at accommodating swim meets.
  4. My 7th grader took Into to Literature with CLRC, it was a excellent class. They meet 2 days a week, there is also a one day option. There is great discussions on the books.
  5. What kind of camps, volunteering, work and other activities are your kids doing this summer? we are considering outdoor camps, surfing and sports camps. Normally we would go to math camp or chess camp, but the ones I looked at are all online. My son is done with one for now. He needs some in person activities. Ds13 will be going to camp, scouts for 1week and surf camp so far Dd18 has an online internship, with software company.
  6. I voted never. I don’t think we even have an apron in the house. I usually just change, if I need to.
  7. He is a perfectionist and has very high expectations. We have been helping him overcome the perfectionist issues. I think my son would see the SAT and ACT as high stakes, just because that is how he views things.
  8. https://www.hearthsidemedicine.com/post/rapid-covid-tests-we-have-them-but-how-accurate It looks like the false negative could be up to 50%
  9. Same with my dd, she is also the extrovert in family and covid hit her the hardest. I am so glad that things are finally opening up in CA. I think if covid went into the fall, she would have taken next year off of school.
  10. So true, teens have so much more needs socially than younger ones. I noticed a big change in my kids when they reached the teen years. Social life took on more importance and also find them social opportunities.
  11. Actually my gifted kids were the compliant ones. My dd the “normal” one was the one that truly challenged us. She had a very strong personality, she was very difficult from a young age. I think it has more to do with personality than giftedness.
  12. My kids were more compliant in elementary school, we also sent my dd back to PS for high school.
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