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  1. @amiesmomabout pilot testing, I don’t think I thought it through LOL. I need to keep things as simple as possible. Are you continuing piloting for 3rd?
  2. @medawynThank you, that reminds me of Tgtb, which felt like a good year behind. I use K Tgtb as preschool and have 1/2 to use for k/1 ( if I don’t sell it, it moves ridiculously slow). I expected MWC to have similar rigor as Singapore/ math mammoth just laid out really well.
  3. We use xtramath... it’s simple and keeps track, easy to log in.
  4. @amiesmom I’ve been using a lot of different things.... trying to figure this out. Too many kids with so many different needs. my twins did zearn&themeville, then switched to Tgtb when they finished their level, that was too light and too much required of me, so went back to zearn.. (we never really stopped it but went back fully). Since they are struggling with regrouping (2nd grade) I bought a small pdf of math mammoth blue series for them to work on while doing zearn. That is going okay. I liked what I saw of the kindergarten MWC, and thought the grade 3 would be similar with much
  5. @Not_a_Number haven’t figured this out yet. My house is a zoo with 6 children here most days 10 and under, my oldest adhd/asd1, middle has Some learning delays, I babysit a 3 year old in addition to my own. 3 need my assistance in school almost the entire time... another 1 is 4.5 and skips preschool most days, but that won’t be possible soon or she’ll be behind. 🤦‍♀️ My 1 year old is a terror... I think when he’s older it might be a bit easier.
  6. Has anyone looked at the first grade unit that’s available? Is it just me or is it completely lacking in enough practice? I was going to do pilot program for 3rd, possibly do the K/1 with my youngest , but now I’m not so sure.
  7. Never mind I haven’t figured it out yet..ugh!! Definitely not doing rod and staff.
  8. @PeterPan if I let his diet go the same thing happens... he becomes much more textbook ASD. I’ve never tried letting his diet completely go and still do l-reuteri. The oxytocin part is what I remember, and the fact that it works “so fast” let me know it was that rather than gut improvements. Im not sure if letting him eat lots of fruit would help , he ate it for the first several years of his life (5 or 6) and only when he had testing did we stop. He doesn’t absorb fructose. I understand l-reuteri can not be life changing for everyone. ps. I’ve never talked to anyone who had a c
  9. @PeterPandid you try it for autism symptoms? I don’t notice gut improvements, but I notice him much calmer and less anxious, he perseverates much less. Some time after using it I saw a mouse study that found l-reuteri was effective in reversing autism symptoms. I noticed they recently opened a study with children, I can’t wait to see what the results are. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04293783 We have done lots of diets and found gluten free & low fruit are helpful. We tried lots of probiotics, probiotic foods, but The biggest change was with l-reuteri. I still
  10. Hello... just wondering if anyone else has tried L-reuteri for their child with ASD. We’ve used it for a few years and I always noticed DS9 much improved when we remember. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just my imagination lol. We use the cheap l-reuteri pearls from Amazon, so nothing fancy.
  11. Yes he reads a story a day. My son is not a crafty person, but there are also images to print to create a storybook. I hope they continue the series! It’s conservative, which I don’t mind.
  12. Just wondering if anyone else has enjoyed this series. DS9 has loved it. I like that it uses a variety of sources and photos 🙂 https://www.my-america-story-book.com
  13. After second I couldn’t function, kids were neglected 3 days, it took a week to feel better. I had a lingering ache in my back that eventually went away. It was worse than the flu. High fevers 103+, aches, etc. I don’t regret it... I am high risk with asthma (and quite frankly it seems more and more younger adults are getting really ill) could be much sicker now... * I never had covid before to my knowledge, I have covid now 2.5 months after moderna. My shot was def worse. For covid now I have a cough, brain fog, asthma flare, post nasal and fatigue. I feel warm but I don’t have
  14. @Not_a_Numberah ok, figured I was missing something!
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