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  1. That sounds about right. Thanks for your help! If I do end up moving, I’ll make sure to consider all the possibilities with a school counselor. Thanks again!! :))
  2. We’re using the Integrated Big Ideas Math Textbooks. They have an android on the cover. I’m pretty confident in Math 2, I just didn’t have the motivation to keep up with the ridiculous amounts of homework. My new class has much more manageable assignments.
  3. I'm a year ahead in California's math system. As a freshman in high school, I've taken Math 2A(in the first semester, couldn't keep up with the workload and got an F) and I'm taking Math 2 for the second semester. If I were to stay in California, I would take Math 3 as a sophomore, Pre-Calc as a junior, and AP Stats or Calculus AB as a senior. However, I'm likely moving to Texas over the summer, and their math system follows a different curriculum. My question is, if I move to Texas, what math classes should I take for the remainder of my high school years? If I've mastered Math 2, should I stay on the accelerated track and take Algebra 2, then Pre-Calc, then AP Stats/Calculus AB? Or for my own benefit, should I move to the normal track, take Geometry as a sophomore, then Algebra 2, then Pre-Calc as a senior? I would really like to keep my accelerated track, because I want to reduce the amount of math I have to take in college. However, I'm afraid that skipping Geometry might put me at a disadvantage. Thoughts on how the California curriculum compares to the Texas one?
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