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  1. Yes, Ms. gardenmon5  This was an emergency room Doctor and I did have a laparoscopic surgery. I was alone during this process from my hometown to being rushed to the Emergency room in Texas. I appreciate everyone's opinion because this was so new to me and I didn't know what questions to ask or if I refused the emergency room doctor what was my next option. I was in too much pain and too sick to say no.

  2. I recently had my gallbladder removed one week ago. The hospital in my small town wasn't and didn't have anyone to perform the operation, so I was transported by ambulance 2 hours away to a hospital. I pretty healthy, height 5'9" weight 185 lbs. so I didn't have a problem operate on me i didn't know. The following day after surgery, the Doctor proceeds to tell me he cut my Liver during the removal of my gallbladder. He says, he placed some medicine on my liver to stop the bleeding and if my hometown Doctor was to open me up, he could see where he fixed the bleeding with a medicine patch. M
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