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  1. Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate all of the feedback here! Since writing this the other day, I’ve been in contact with our school’s SPED coordinator. She wants to re-evaluate her and plans on doing so over the next few weeks. She also said a few of the same things you guys did... it doesn’t matter what the teacher things, 504 is a legal document and her right, etc... she is awesome and I know we are on the right track. My daughter also her first appointment with a counselor tomorrow and I’m praying that’s a good fit. @Story girl yes! I totally get the holding it together, fits at home. I’m glad the ball is rolling and I should have put it in motion sooner. Thankfully, my daughter has been a little better the past couple days and I’m praying that continues. Overall, I’m feeling much better with the people working on this and I’ve been in constant contact with her teacher when she is upset. I think we are on the right track. 😅 Truly, thank you all! 🤍
  2. @Terabiththank you! That’s what I’ve worried about. 😞 I appreciate your reply!!
  3. @PeterPanthanks so much! I appreciate all of the helpful links. 😊
  4. @PeterPan Thank you!! I wish I knew how to reply to separate comments as you did. We are in Central WA and are masking. We actually did just take the kids to Disney in November, would love to go back! 😂 No anxiety! Our daughter does have a 504 and I talked with our school’s SPED coordinator last night, who is also a school psychologist, and she’s going to look onto my daughters records and call me after. I feel like this is a great starting point and I’m looking forward to speaking with her today. We are also familiar with IEP’s as our other daughter has one. Going to navigate that avenue again. I have talked to my daughter, many, many times. Her and her siblings had to get covid tested last week and so she’s been pretty relaxed having the end of th school week off plus the long weekend so I used that time to chat more about it. No anxiety unless we were taking about school, reading in particular. Every time, she mentioned reading and writing. The correcting of work in front of the class, testing, the teacher, etc... She said if she could just go to school once reading was over, it would be better. I’m encouraged that I have today’s meeting set up and am looking forward to her counseling appt next week to see where we go from here. Thank you again for your thoughtful reply!
  5. Hi there, I stumbled upon these forums the other day and I hope this is the appropriate place to be asking. I'm currently just looking for some advice, insight, curious of others who have been in a similar situation. 🙂 My youngest daughter is 9 and in the 4th grade. Our school district has been back in school full time since early November, before that she went every other day. She has dyslexia and she is hi-cap in math. Due to covid, they are in "cohorts" where they stick with the same teachers and kids and can't really stray from the people they are with. Socially, she is with all of her friends, and for her, that is much needed and well. Academically, she is in the highest reading and she is really struggling. She also has a teacher who is trying to ease some of her anxiety but she also has a personality that is a little, hmm, rough around the edges, so my daughter doesn't always see it as caring, even though I do think the teacher means well... Anyway, my daughter has been in tears over school off on and since they've gone back full time. The anxiety has really grown since after break and shes to the point where she cries, almost daily, over reading/school. Drop-offs have become so hard and there have been a few nights she has kept herself away with all of the "what-ifs". She's began having to check all of her schoolwork a few times each morning to be sure she has everything done and that is all in her backpack because she is so afraid of getting in trouble. Her teacher even said that she will check multiple times a day to see if her name is on the board (kids missing work) and the teacher can see the relief when she tells her she is all caught up. I'm at the point of not knowing what to do. She is seeing a counselor at school and we have an appointment with a clinical therapist in about a week. I'm considering homeschooling her for reading and then taking her to school for the rest of the day. I don't want to just give in to the anxiety but I know alot of this is stemming from the difficulty in it and she also isn't getting any accommodations. The teacher said she doesn't' feel that she needs it, but her behavior lately is saying otherwise. I'm hoping the counselor will have more insight. The therapist at school just says we need to practice "tough love". I think they just see the rough drops because my daugther doesn't like for people to see her upset so she pushes through for the day and then has a meltdown once she is home. If it was only drop offs that were the problem, "tough love" would be a heck of a lot easier. Gosh, I'm sorry, I feel like I rambled through this. It's so hard to even get my thoughts straight right now, because, I too, have anxiety and I feel like 75% of my thoughts are focused on how to help my kiddo through this. 🙂 If you've made it this far, thank you... I truly appreciate it.
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