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  1. I read your original post when it was up and it struck me in many ways that I have thought on since I read it. I found the almost unanimous "rah rah, yes it's a deal breaker!" with such limited information to be quite disconcerting to an extreme. Even moreso, particularly in light of what marriage vows mean, and who comes first in a marriage: spouse or offspring? I will preface this by saying I have been a long term member of this board. My identity was messed up in all of the recent changes and non-active account deletions, so I had to begin again, but is of small matter as I was not a
  2. I disagree about the word math being the problem, though I think you are correct on the class front possibly being more broadly appealing. Another aspect that comes into play is the personalities of the parents, usually the mothers, as far as who is hosting and attending and joining. A class allows for more distance and lack of need for a relationship between parent and instructor. It’s a paid relationship and there is no expectation to be friends or really be involved. With “clubs” and “co-ops” the parents are more closely involoved and interactive, at which point how they relate an
  3. I think an element being left from the conversation of parents being uninterested in specialist math groups for their children is the larger perception of the types in and running math clubs. I do think there is a, not sure the term is “uncool,” but there is a perception perhaps that other types of groups would be better for one’s social life and image. For some parents, sports will always be more prestigious than math, and not because they are too dense to value math, but because they are concerned of a child’s social image in addition to developing the child as a whole. Point b
  4. I have it. It seems to work well enough, although sometimes you will need to redo it. You can send the reports per scan as PDF to yourself and then your doctor if you wish. Another nice feature is if you are at any time worried of falls or losing consciousness the watches have a 911 fall alert, and can tell if you fall down and will call 911. When the fall is detected a count down starts and you can elect not to call 911 by pressing a button on the watch, but if you aren't awake to do so the watch will contact emergency services for you.
  5. nvm. My example strayed from the OP’s intent into the thread drift. Disregard.
  6. Heavens, that brings back some memories. That is a fun, but also sad walk down memory lane of what used to be. I miss so many of those voices. Thank you for linking that Zoo Keeper.
  7. I am not asking you directly @Ordinary Shoes, but using your quote to my response as a jumping off point, as it applies to the other answers to my post as well: Does it follow then that people like Genghis Khan, Hitler, Pol Pot, Ted Bundy, war mongers of all stripes and nations, terrorists, fill in the blank (you get the drift) will equally achieve salvation under this theology, even without repentance, belief or any conscious act? It seems rather all or nothing, and I am trying to follow the train of thought...... So everyone goes to heaven because of Jesus, no matter how reprehensible
  8. A general question for self identifying Christians responding in this thread: if there is no hell, then what is the point of the crucification and resurrection of the Christ for believers in Christian theology? If everyone goes to heaven, then why does there need to be forgiveness, confession, or any of the overarching concepts of Christianity? Redemption would not be needed at that point, would it? You simply live your life and to heaven you go, regardless of what you believed, did, or thought. It seems inconsistent to believe in Heaven, but not Hell, but to identify as a Christian with
  9. I have. I am still seeing some samples available: https://tapestryofgrace.com/product/year-1-tapestry-of-grace/ Here are some of the other free samples available that look to be from the newer products: https://tapestryofgrace.com/product-category/curriculum/?filter_curriculum-type=free-samples I do think they are still very much in the midst of updating per the latest email. I tried to open my digital curriculum files out of curiosity and it still activated lock-lizard. Apparently I am not one of the ones who has been transitioned which is fine as I don't have any need t
  10. They’re under new leadership and have been sending emails regularly about the upcoming changes for months. As a retired hs mum, I wish the changes had been around earlier. To name a few, they’ve done away with the much hated LockLizard, they have more co-op support, the books are being updated as well as the store and interface. For dedicated Tapestry users this is all quite a win. But yes, if you haven’t kept up over the last year, it is a lot of change to take in.
  11. I agree with this. @GoodnightMoogle do not feel sheepish. Feel proud that you are so dedicated to your child. This isn’t a time that will ever provide a second chance, so loving your family well is nothing to be sheepish about. Also, do not feel the need to justify staying home by saying things about any degrees or career you might have had as justification that you have those, therefore it is “okay” for you to stay home. It is “okay” for any parent to stay home and care for their children. No degree or career notations required. People are free to assume what they will, and
  12. I watch shows on my phone. The bracket to hold a device is directly above the display on the Concept 2, so you can easily see all the data while you watch. I would hope a gym would have device brackets as otherwise it is pretty boring to row for an hour and simply stare at a wall!
  13. I am so sorry to read what so many of you have gone through. I appreciate the tone of this thread and all of the information. It was much easier to keep pace than FJ. I supposed I popped back on at a good time to check in. Take care lovelies.
  14. Putting anyone in to that type of high regard seems to be an issue all circles, be it homeschooling, religion, politics, science or celebrity. Or the internet in general! The people who do the most talking, seeking of recognition and and renown and like to lift themselves up as examples, also seem to correlate fairly frequently with how broken something is inside and be the most dangerous. Beware the egotistical talker I guess? Josh always seemed to try and emote some air of authority. Like the others. His was slightly more laughable at the beginning. Now it is simply horrifying. I still
  15. This might be the first Duggar thread in all the years I’ve known this board where it doesn’t end up locked because everyone is finally in agreement.
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