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  1. I follow our schools pretty closely and I think a majority of our local teachers are pretty good, there are some bad eggs though, our issues stem from failed administrators and school boards... I wonder if giving teachers the SOTW as a "spine" curriculum would inspire teachers creativity and empower parents to pursue read alouds, recipes or other methods outside schools... I can imagine how awesome it would be for entire schools of 500+ students and faculties to be deforating hallways and classrooms like ancient Egypt or China, classrooms could deligate out crafts/activities so students can engage in each special event over a 5 day school week 🙂 I shared this idea with a principal and she loved it and said yes - I'm looking for negatives 🤔 In my pursuit of figuring out how to reform out local education disaster I found this interesting clip...
  2. Your right, not "the" key 😉 Our local school district sets our own standards, our state has standards but we aren't obligated to follow them, it would be part of a school reform that needs to happen... it would allow faculty to be creative together while learning the same topics but teaching at different levels
  3. I am a homeschool mother of 4 and have taken on leadership positions in my community, including our local public schools for the last 7 years. I am sure I will run for school board soon within the next few years. I dream of how much better students and families would be served if elementary schools adopted the SOTW so that an entire school building could dedicate themselves to cultural & historical themes, parents could choose to purchase materials and follow along, select read alouds or audio books from the SOTW suggested books and crafts & activities could be merged into the gymnasium for monumental fun and learning. Am I out of my mind or would this be a public school reform worth fighting for?!
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