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  1. For the sake of discussion, assume that we could prove the person was the source of infection. In the case where we aren't talking about virus transmission, but just a business being shutdown for a few days because of potential exposure, I think it is always because of a well-known infected person. If that person had tested positive before coming to the business, are they liable? Will we see such lawsuits?
  2. I'm curious about your opinion about the prevalence or success of lawsuits in the other direction? e.g. if someone tests positive for covid, and doesn't isolate, and spreads it to others, or causes business to shut down for a week for "cleaning", is there a case? Assuming, we can prove exactly where the transmission came from, as the kiwis appear to be able to do. (More and more, I'm starting to believe that the New Zealanders are some kind of post-human, superior life form, and above the rest of us).
  3. I would humbly suggest that a minor thing we can all do is to not contribute to the increased demand for hospital services. Say, by getting vaccinated and encouraging others to do so.
  4. So, when Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton, they were both heroes?
  5. I'm not a virologist, but I wonder if the UK, by spreading out the time between doses much longer than the US does, stumbled upon more effective protection than the 3 or 4 week schedule that the US administers? Perhaps this spacing means UK folks already have the equivalent of a third booster that we in the US will need?
  6. There's probably, what? 1,000 professors of ethics and related subjects in North America? Isn't the real story here 999/1,000 ethics professor have no problem with vaccine mandates?
  7. Maybe I lack imagination, but I'm having a hard time thinking about what action a nurse's union could do to help this situation?
  8. I totally agree. I don't see how one can equate these two unions. First off, less than 20% of all nurses are unionized in the US, and the horrible working conditions for nurses (and HCW in general) are equally bad in unionized vs non-unionized hospitals. Second, what can the nurses' union really do to address overcrowded ICUs? Strike until the state passes mandatory vaccination laws? Refuse to treat un-vaccinated covid patients? And I will say this in favor of the national teacher's union, the AFT -- they did endorse mandatory vaccinations for all teachers. I don't see many districts requiring vaccinations, though some are.
  9. I guess what I don't understand is if the above is true, why would the nasal spray be effective?
  10. But these boil down to "No adultery", which is clear, and I hope we all agree with, and "No sexual immorality", which is what, exactly? Not defining "sexual immorality" is the real problem here -- a moral code which says "don't be immoral" is just circular. This term, "sexual immorality" is translated from the Greek word πορνεία, which isn't used frequently in other Greek texts, so the meaning is somewhat unknown, but may mean prostitution.
  11. Dumb question: If the primary way the virus gets into and grows inside the body is via the nose, wouldn't nose clips be more effective than masks?
  12. There's a commandment against *adultery*, which is a bit different case. The NT has several warnings against what is often translated as "sexual immorality", and that stems from a greek word which is difficult to translate, as it isn't used much elsewhere, but may possibly mean "prostitution".
  13. I don't know what the high school culture is like there, but around here, even though the social activities are nominally run by the captains and seniors, the captains' moms actually do most of the work. I would find out the names of the captains, and call on their moms, even if you don't know them now, and express both your concerns, and you desire that your dd bond with the team in a safe way. Ask them if this has been done before, is there another way to do a sleepover, etc.
  14. I am only involved with a different sport as a volunteer, yet I still need to go through the Safe Sport training. One of the many rules in Safe Sport is that a coach or responsible adult is never allowed to be alone in a car with an athlete (excepting your own kids, of course). This is something that all high school and club coaches should be vigilant and aware of in painful detail today. If this coach isn't aware of these rules, it makes me wonder what else she is ignoring.
  15. Just curious -- are all the boys in these classes also engaged? How old are the engaged girls' fiancees?
  16. Not to make the decisions more difficult, but covid risk, like so many other risks, is cumulative. So, it may be rational to say "I'm willing to do this one higher-risk activity once because it brings me great joy, but in exchange, I will decide NOT to do these 20 other lower-risk activities".
  17. I'm happy to see the United Airlines is going to mandate vaccination for all their employees. I'm sure that other US airlines will follow suit.
  18. Presumably these rules could be changed. This would be a smaller change than allowing professionals to compete.
  19. I can't say that any sport shouldn't be in the Olympics. I do know that there are way, way too many for us to follow, especially in the Summer Olympics. I wonder if it would make sense to move one or more of the big indoor-only sports, like Swimming or Gymnastics to the Winter Olympics, to balance out the number of sports a bit more?
  20. To me, "partner" implies a serious relationship akin to marriage, but, for whatever reason, marriage is off the table, but you've been together for some time. I'm talking about a term for an earlier phase of a relationship. (This earlier phase which I can't imagine ever being in again). A stage where you aren't living together or sharing expenses. I don't know, maybe we don't need a better term than "friend". I guess it is no one else's business the level of "friendship".
  21. My life path has taken several surprising twists and turns, so I'm kind of the mind to "never say never". Pretty sure I'd be happy to be single for the duration, or could be happy re-married. However, at least right now, the thought of dating, is unthinkable. And, as normative as being coupled is, I struggle even with the terminology of dating at a certain age. If two people are old enough to have grandkids, can you call them "boyfriend/girlfriend"? That doesn't seem right. Partners? That sounds like a business relationship.
  22. Ok, I have to know. Are there any Olympians who are nursing? Because I would find that ... very impressive.
  23. I honestly don't know much about how k-5 teachers in my area are taught, but I do know the outcome, and it has a lot to do with why they aren't teaching my kids anymore. Teachers are apparently not taught anything about phonics, or effective ways to teach reading, and universally (well, here at least), think phonics means "try to sound it out, good luck". Whole language is still a thing. Math instruction is even more of a mess, and our school district seems to flip flop around math curricula every couple of years. I've been super happy with Singapore math myself, and seen the results first hand, and if I can learn to teach this, seems like any reasonable person ought to be able to. What the teachers have learned in college is no end of education jargon and buzzwords. I'm not going to back and check my copy of WTM, but I bet that nowhere in that book are the terms "Formative" or "Summative" assessment.
  24. But none of these are from the actual school in the original post. Not one post has said, what, exactly, this school district is doing that is supposed to cause us such outrage. Scatterings of programs from all over the country are mentioned, but they are irrelevant to the original rant. WTM forums aren't exactly a hotbed of public school apologism, I don't there there's any pro public school bias here, but there needs to be something tangible other than "other people are upset".
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