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  1. Thank you, that link to Slader is awesome! Just by happenstance the textbook we chose for Geology is also by Pearson/Savvas and its chapter quizzes are only online, so I'm compelled to navigate the publisher's bureaucratic maze. I'll post if I get it figured out. A discussion on the High School forum referenced labs from Biology Corner. So I'll compare those labs to Home Biology Experiments and to the labs that go with the Miller Levine text book. The availability of required supplies will obviously factor in ... and I keep reminding myself this is only 8th grade.
  2. Check out The American Yawp. You can purchase a hard copy. There are suggested essay assignments and exam questions, but no answer sheets. However there are amateur recordings of the text on YouTube; I've been listening to them while I do chores in order to keep up with the material.
  3. I had originally planed to use CK-12 Biology for High School for Spring Semester but as I start to do real prep I'm less enamored. I'm taking a second look at Miller Levine Biology from Pearson/Savvas, because we're really liking Pearson/Savvas' Essentials of Geology. To use Miller Levine, did you just get the Student Textbook or did you also get the Teacher's Edition? Any experience with their optional Lab Manuals? Did you use the 2019 Edition (Bee) or 2017 (Macaw)?
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