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  1. I'm looking to do an analysis of powered flight vs. gliding in animals and how it ties into pterosaurs for an online class I'm working on, and I've been having issues finding appropriately leveled resources. I can find stuff about pterosaurs and I can find stuff about animal gliding and flight, but nothing comparing and contrasting them or that explains the mechanics in an accessible way. Online articles and videos would be ideal, physical resources/books are okay if I can find and scan them.
  2. I'm looking to add owl pellet dissection and trying to identify the resulting parts as a supplemental activity for an online class I'm working on. Since I can't project them through a screen, I'm going to need to ask families to order them and ideally link to a source. There are tons of providers per a web search and I can't really tell which ones are reputable. So, if you've done owl pellets, where did you order them from? I'd prefer to avoid Amazon or other such places where anyone can list.
  3. Hello, I'm a college student and graduated homeschooler from the Memphis area focusing on gifted education. I'm mostly here to stalk Accelerated Learner Boards looking for ideas and observing people's methods and problems.
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