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  1. Yes, they do. He's planning to call them tomorrow. For future employment, does a GED matter after you have earned college credit or completed a degree?
  2. Yes, I think he could pass. It's not a lack of ability or intelligence. He definitely would do fine after the 8 week prep course at the community college. I can't in good conscience just make up a diploma for him for life stuff. And unfortunately, he doesn't work well with me. We have a good relationship, but he works well for a teacher in-person. Especially at 18, as a young man, he won't sit with me and let me work with him side by side. He only sees me as mom, even after years of homeschooling. BTDT We've been trying to actively address this since he was 10. Wish he did work with me w
  3. Yeah, I feel overwhelmed myself at the list. I just can't see how how he can get through a traditional course path by age 21, even with the minimum requirements. And I know he does not want to still be completing high school at 22+. He's already afraid that if he quits, he would never go back. Taking a break would probably turn into full-on dropping out of high school. The list of high school credits still needed would be hanging over his head like an ax and I don't know that he could ever face it. That's why I'm hoping a GED would at least get high school off his back, and he could feel "safe
  4. The minimum requirements are 22 credits. His plan had been the 26 credit path, so going with the minimum would shave off only 4 credits. Do you know of other employment options that would be limited? He doesn't have any interest in the military.
  5. 2 English, 2 Foreign Language, 3 Math, 2 Science, 3 Social Studies, 5 Electives, 1/2 PE Total 17 1/2 credits Projected graduation was 2022. With F's this semester and (in all probability) next semester, that pushes it to 2023, if he sorts himself out by next summer, which is looking doubtful unless he takes a complete break from academics. Even then, I don't think he'd be ready to do school work. So, the best case (unlikely) scenario: he'd be 21 when he graduated high school. That thought depresses him more. He can't seem to get out of his hole and he just keeps digging deeper and d
  6. Quite a few options. Our food bank is desperate for help. I've volunteered there myself since the pandemic and he's old enough. I've also seen hiring signs around town, particular at fast food restaurants and our grocery store because of all the curbside orders. He has a safety net job he could take at a sheet metal fabricator who would hire him in a heartbeat, though my son knows that he won't be exposed to new options there. He's also thinking about certifications for phlebotomy or things like that that he could try out in order to see the health care industry from the inside. I'm not really
  7. Thanks, kand. That's a good point about both work and community service. I am actually thinking that he would start community service immediately and then spend the next month or so looking for work. We wouldn't expect rent immediately immediately, but there would be a a deadline within the year. The community service would get him out of his room and thinking about other people. He's very much in his own head all the time, and spends most hours on his bed in the dark and on his phone, numbing himself. Community service could happen right away, and he'd see areas of life he hasn't been exposed
  8. Hi all, My 18 year old is failing. He has dealt with anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities all of his life. He has been in and out of therapy, and dips into suicidal thinking on a regular basis. He has been homeschooled except for a brief 18 months at a charter school, and he is currently enrolled in our local community college dual credit program as a homeschooler. He is failing 2 of his 3 classes this semester, and the only thing he is feeling is apathy. His medication and therapy are keeping him from suicide, but he has not been able to muster the motivation to complete his wo
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