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  1. I appreciate all these responses. We are now officially homeschooling full time as of this week! I will likely be back with more questions as we adjust to our new normal.
  2. Thank you Not_a_Number and Clemsondana for sharing your experiences.
  3. I would appreciate some input from experienced homeschoolers of gifted children about your writing curriculum in early elementary/first grade. How much writing did you require and in what kind of format/schedule? Did you give open-ended or structured assignments? If the child didn't want to write, did you feel it was necessary to push it or did you back off until the child was excited about it again? Here is the background to why I am asking: I am part-time homeschooling my highly-gifted 6-year old. He attends in-person school 1-2 days per week and the other days are a mix of hom
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