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  1. Thank you! I don’t come back often, but I love to scroll through and reminisce. Hope you and yours are blessed!
  2. Hi! I used to post as Rhondabee, it’s been awhile... I even have a new email and can’t remember my old one. But, here because my friend is now homeschooling her Kinder/1st grader and is looking for a resource to explain spelling and phonics. I didn’t use the book I’m thinking of with my kids, but for myself. There were chapters in the front that explained some of the history of certain letter combinations and how that affects pronunciations. Then in the back of the book we’re lists of words in order of letter combinations. I want to say the title was something like “The Letters and All the Sounds They Make” but Google is not doing a very good job of reading my mind. 🤦‍♀️ Does anyone here have any idea which book I am thinking of? Thanks! Rhonda
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