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  1. Is there anyone here that does it? How do you make it work? I work from home, but it's an "office job" with a M-F schedule. Everything I've been able to find so far is from parents who own their own online business or do something like nursing or realty, where they have some full weekdays off. Any tips from people who have done it? (Especially with non computer-based programs?) It feels impossible, but it's so important to me. I don't have kids yet, but I'm considering becoming a foster parent (and trying to consider all angles, including the possibility adoption).
  2. I'm happy for your introvert friends! Some certainly struggle with it less than others, and I'm a bit jealous of them 😉 Since introversion means social interaction drains one's energy, the ability to do it is highly affected how much energy you have available. Major life stressors leave little energy for anything other than survival. It was very enlightening to see perspectives in this thread of real friends being the ones who keep up contact even when they're busy/stressed. My perspective has always been that a real friendship is one that will not be affected by extended periods without
  3. I was new to this forum and didn't know how to quote more than one person. I did not try to associate you with anything. And it was not about you personally, as I stated that everyone feels that way. I was saying that I share a desire you have, but that it looks different for me. I apologize if I offended you. I did not claim that the enneagram is science, and I do not worship it. It is a tool that can be very helpful for people who enjoy pursuing self-reflection. Ever since I was a child I have often done a lot of research into varying personality theories. As well as psychology and
  4. I appreciate your insight into how their minds may work! From my perspective it feels like texting is what removes any choice they have (it obligates them to text me back). The consequences do matter to me, so I can't disregard them so easily. But I have certainly gotten a lot to consider and digest to help me further improve my interactions with my friends. For me the difficulty is trying to determine which friends may feel as you do about it, and which feel as I do. So who is okay with getting bombarded 😂 I usually base it on whether they have a lot of family things going on, and wheth
  5. I really appreciate this list, and I'm going to save it to remind myself of in the future. I value seeing other perspectives. The intention of my message was the same as the intention of what you wrote here. Showing another perspective. Trying to explain what the person you feel hurt by may be thinking. My goal was to answer your question "why do some people do this" with the answer. Which is, that personality type plays a big role. If that's not what you were looking for, I am sorry. I was new to this forum and made mistaken assumptions about the community. If this was mainl
  6. You may actually be surprised at how hard it can really be for some people. For me it's extremely difficult. I may cry, I may have an anxiety attack, I may type it and delete it 20 times, I may spend 2 days trying to decide whether to impose on them by asking... and by then they've texted me anyway so it's too late. And I know the person will see me as uncaring and thoughtless, because they have no idea that I've been thinking about them all week, and don't believe me if I tell them. That causes even more anxiety, which is a vicious cycle.
  7. Personality type, anxiety, and levels of life craziness. I'm mainly going to address the first one here, because of length, and I kind of have a perspective from the other side. Have you done the enneagram personality test? I find it to be extremely insightful and highly recommend it!! It has helped me understand myself and other people much better. Certain enneagram types (1, 2, 3, 7, 😎the face was supposed to be 8 and I can't delete it) are more likely to initiate social contact. Types 1, 2, and maybe 3 are the most likely to be frustrated about that. Espe
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