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    Obsessive organizer/planner, former middle/HS teacher, prefer homeschooling & tutoring :)
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    Northeastern US & Canada
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    Lifelong Learning (via books, NPR & internet)
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    Homeschooling Mom, ESL tutor
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    <p>Okay, so nobody would REALLY duck tape a kid. Come share ideas for keeping our adorable and mischievous little minds and bodies busy while homeschooling.</p>
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    <p>This is a group of us who share 1-3 accomplishments that we've had a hard time getting to... whether it's 5 minutes cleaning around the washer and dryer, filing a stack of papers, or cleaning under a bed or in a closet.</p> <p> </p> <p> Post here and encourage one another. Give a high-five. We are busy people. Life gets hard. Sometimes we keep putting off a task that desperately needs our attention. </p> <p> </p> <p> So, let's try to do 1-3 things that we keep putting off for a "bit of time" each day and share about it.</p>
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    <p>For those using Oak Meadow curriculum, adding OM to the classical mix, or those just curious about OM.</p>
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    <p>This group will consist of various "Challenges" and/or "Contests" pertaining to diet, exercise and weight loss. You may join any of the Challenges that interest you. Some will run for specific lengths of time, others will be ongoing. Are you in? :)</p>
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    <p>For those that are working at losing weight through exercise and diet change towards a life long better eating plan.</p> <p> Post several times a day or once a week with ideas, victories and YES, when you are discouraged or have blown it.</p>
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