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  1. If last year was the one exception, how does that fit with the idea that it's not a cold. My cough-variant asthma kid has paperwork on file, and he could attend with a cough, once it's established the cough isn't covid. So, if he gets a cold, or overwhelmed by leaf mold or something we would keep him out till there was a negative test, and then he would return. I don't know if they'd accept home rapid tests. But we're in an area where I could get a testing appointment faster than that.
  2. Before covid I didn’t send my kid with cough variant asthma in if he hadn’t slept all night. So, unless he does better tonight I vote no for that reason, but you know your kid. I also think that if this is often a cold symptom for him, we are supposed to keep kids home with colds right now, since covid can masquerade as a cold. Could you get a rapid test?
  3. Have Santa write her a letter and tell her "I always start with the big kid presents. Can you tell me what you want so the elves and I can get to work?"
  4. My SIL's MIL has been staying with them for a few months, helping them out with the older kids and new baby. Now she's going back to her home and husband across the country. My 11 year old has decided she needs an "unbirthday party" before she leaves. He really really likes to cook people birthday and half birthday meals. We're going to celebrate this Sunday, which means that we'll eat in the Sukkah they built at SIL/BIL's house, (or some of us will, I'm pretty sure the Sukkah does not allow for social distancing of 3 family groups). Anyway, she has often mentioned that she really wished she had gotten to eat the Moroccan/Sephardic inspired food we made for the Zoom Seder we had with her, so we were thinking of maybe something similar? But we don't want exactly the same menu, and we won't have the restrictions. But here's the challenge, we're going to have the meal at their house because of the Sukkah, which her granddaughters are very proud of and my kid is eager to see. But none of the chefs are allowed inside there. We could have people take things in to microwave them or something, but I think ideally we'd bring stuff we could throw on their grill, or stuff that's already prepared. So, with those bizarrely specific parameters any ideas? Here's the Passover menu we kind of made (with some changes) https://jamiegeller.com/holidays/a-moroccan-seder/ @YaelAldrich @Pam in CT @Spy Car
  5. Honestly, if you're considering school as an option, I think setting it up as a punishment is setting her up for failure. You want her to go to school eagerly, and that's a pretty sure way to prevent that. I also don't think that it's unschooling if there's a threat hanging over her head about what happens if she does it "wrong". A major belief behind unschooling is that if you remove the external pressure, kids find their own motivation. I'm not sure if that's true. It was for one of my sort of unschooled kids. The other was pretty motivated to start. But that's a sample size of 2. But if I was going to try unschooling, I'd try it the way it is supposed to work in theory, which doesn't include threats of punishment for "goofing off". It includes celebrating "goofing off" as one of the ways that kids explore and find out what they're motivated by.
  6. Does the Health Department actually visit restaurants after closing or before opening? Because open restaurants have more than one staff member present even if they are customer free.
  7. I would consider anywhere in the state to be something that a governor "manages". What part of the Constitution makes that unconstitutional? If you're the only person in a building, how would someone enforce that? That doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to worry.
  8. I wouldn't be concerned about lying. I've been tempted to take my big for 11 year old in. But then he'd get a vaccine card with the wrong birthday, which I assume his school, which requires vaccines for 12 and up, wouldn't accept as proof of vaccination. Then what does that mean? Revaccinate him? Find a new school? This might not be an issue for you now, but I think that eventually it will be required by all schools.
  9. So, the rumor is along the lines of “Don’t let your children play with (my kids) because . . .” For kids who are brand new in the school community it’s devastating. How would you address it, it it were your kids?
  10. The tricky part is that there is more truth than falsehood in the rumor. But the conclusions they are drawing are false.
  11. So, no one said anything to me. The father of a kid who is friends with my older kid said something to someone close to me, who corrected them and then told me. But I wasn’t there.
  12. So, I am gonna see this mom in a little while, our kids are on a sports team together. Any sense of how to say this? Like how do I say “hey so the rumor mill is being nasty can you talk to them for me” without me sounding like I am accusing her.” To be clear our interactions have been limited to things like “I can’t believe your kid is only 11, he’s so tall!” And “Do we need any school supplies?”
  13. When you say it’s not right, what part do you mean? To be clear, I have no idea who is spreading this, or whether my acquaintance has heard it. I don’t want to accuse her of gossip but since her kid has been at the school for a few years I figure she probably knows more parents than I do.
  14. I found out yesterday that some information that my kid has shared has led to rumors among the kids and parents in my kids’ school community. Like most rumors the rumors have a core of truth but people are jumping from what my kid shared to conclusions that are completely untrue and potentially very harmful to my kids. I am wondering if I makes sense for me to go to one of the parents I know and say “hey, I know people are saying X, if you hear it can you share Y with them?” This isn’t someone I would consider a friend, I don’t yet have friends in the community but it’s someone I see regularly who has been friendly with me. Has anyone done something like that.
  15. Why? Why couldn't it be a miracle outside science? Something impossible that never could happen? So, science would never reveal it?
  16. Exactly. One can be a creationist and teach it as a miracle or a religious mystery, and still teach your kids that science is to be trusted. I am not a creationist but I teach my kids that once an angel appeared to a Virgin and she gave birth to a baby boy. I just don’t teach them that in sex ed class, even when I teach sex ed through my church.
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