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  1. I am amused by this. Is this to teach children to stuff things under couch cushions? My kids must be gifted because they seemed to come preequipped with that skill. I need a video to teach them to walk whatever it is back to the room they got it from.
  2. So, do you have hair falling out? Like you find some strands on your brush or on the couch cushions? If you do, and your hair isn’t getting thinner then you must be growing new hairs, I would think. I like my hair around my shoulders. I usually get it cut every year or so, but if I skip a year then I know where it will stop growing. Covid has actually led to more haircuts for me because my SIL offered to do it.
  3. Ooooh, we have nerf guns! Finally something we have! We have kept the lego things my two youngest built together, and we'll figure out how to display those or leave them in the other house, I'm not sure. But otherwise, when they finish a lego kit, DS takes a picture and then takes it apart so he can build other things.
  4. They each have a pair of sneakers and a pair of closed toed sandals, they take off when they come in the house, and leave them in a basket by the door in both houses. In the winter, they'll change that pair of closed toed sandals with a pair fo snow boots. They both have a church outfit and a pair of church shoes that are in my closet with the two dresses I own, and my one pair of dressy shoes. Sports specific clothing -- like soccer or baseball cleats, or snowboarding boots, live in the garage in the old house. I'm not really sure what we're doing in the new house. I think the baseme
  5. If you have any more kids, be very careful to pick relatives you like. My kids' tutor came over today for the first time in a long time. If he had been born since my son died (obviously he wasn't) I would swear he was my son reincarnated. It's like spending time with the person my son would have grown up to be.
  6. Everyone has a point at which their hair length stops increasing. If you look at Sikh women, for example, there's a point at which their hair stops growing. Sikh grandmothers don't have longer hair than Sikh teenagers, for example. Basically, whatever length your hair get before they fall out and a new one starts growing, on average, is how long your hair will get to. For different people, it's different lengths. For me, it's about the bottom of my shoulder blades. Has it stopped at a particularly short point, or shorter than it used to be? Or has it actually stopped growing -- e.g.
  7. I'm not questioning, just curious. I'm still thinking this through. My younger kid spends a lot of time doing legos with other kids. Right now, it's just his cousin, because we aren't having other kids in the house, but hopefully in the fall it will include friends and neighbors. But the cousins are at the house 5 -6 days a week right now for childcare. One of my concerns with putting the legos in the bedroom is that if they're up there playing, then my older kid doesn't have a private place to go. Maybe I'm just imagining that would be an issue though. In the old house, because u
  8. So, I guess I'm trying to figure out where they'll do things in the new house. They're past the age where I worry about things on the wall/furniture, etc . . . But we've never had a ton of art supplies. My one kid doesn't really do art, and the other kid has one of those kits that's like a little wooden suitcase. Plus there's scissors and tape on my desk in my current house that he can borrow.
  9. i do just have 2 kids, I was just trying to get a better picture of what you're doing. I feel like we made decisions that made sense for our old situation, where there were reasons why playing or working upstairs didn't make sense (tiny room, Dad sleeping, one kid who couldn't go upstairs for medical reasons), and now those reasons don't apply, and we need to figure out new space, so I just want to know what other people do. So, part of it is that we're pretty much past toys, although we do still have legos. My youngest will turn 11 soon. But even during the toy era, I feel like w
  10. So if they are building legos, do they go to their room? If you have more kids then fit in one room, are there legos in multiple bedrooms or do they just agree that the legos go in one kid’s room? I feel so clueless!
  11. After a couple years where we have moved around a lot, we have decided to commit to staying with my FIL and GFIL for at least a year. It's likely that it will be a permanent move. As part of this move, we're going to bring over the furniture from their bedroom at the house that we own, and set up a real bedroom for them. Their room in the old house is quite small and doesn't have a lot of stuff in it. The recent thread on Housekeeping reminded me that maybe we are outliers in that respect. For example, my kids have never kept shoes, or toys, or books, or art supplies in their room
  12. I agree! It’s like a puzzle and cooking together. And what a powerful way to keep God at the center of your life. My youngest kid is fascinated! Thus is such a perfect thing for him to explore.
  13. I was! That sounds delicious. I want some lychee creme brulee! Miami sounds wonderful, although we're having plenty of beautiful warm sunshine here too.
  14. No, I'm just lazy. If I want my kids to do the dishes, I need to make it easy. OK, I actually have no idea what temp my water comes out. My FIL will know. I'll ask him. Yeah, I can go to some place like Walmart and assume that anything they sell as "new" is safe right? And if I make everything parve, and then later I decide to add dairy, I can change things that way. Just not the other way right? I think that meat isn't going to happen. This is super helpful. He's coming tomorrow, so I think we're going to pick up kosher Chinese food, eat off paper plates, and
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