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  1. Family meals have been a good structure for my DH and the kids. Right now, they need that kind of structure. Since, I'm the primary driver, cook, and homework supervisor, he doesn't get the benefit of bonding during those times. These two kids were just crisis schooled, and not very well at that. They'll be at our public school in the fall, and I'll be working, but home by the time they're home from school in the afternoon.
  2. Unfortunately that’s something I probably can’t make work with DH’s schedule.
  3. If you have teens and tweens who do evening activities, and eating dinner as a whole family is a priority do you eat before or after the activities? It looks like most days this fall one or both kids will have an activity that starts at 5:30 or 6:00 and ends at 7:00 or 8:00. So we could eat at 4:30/5:00 or at 7:30/8:30. My guess is that whichever time we don’t sit down together and eat a meal, the kids will put together a snack that resembles a meal.
  4. This is the problem I have, that half of my family thinks of being "at the pool" as an opportunity to read a book in the nice cool water, or watch the children play, which puts us in the mood for something light and refreshing, like gazpacho, fake ceviche, fresh fruit. Meanwhile, the other half of the family, thinks being "at the pool" means race each other up and down the length of the pool non stop for a few hours, which puts them in the mood to eat giant quantities of meat and carbs.
  5. Do you have a recipe? Better yet, do you have a cookbook? You should write a cook book because your recipes are always exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. I think it's the only thing I can realistically make work. The plan is that they'll go to our local public middle school.
  7. My almost 11 year old is doing outdoor sports this summer. Summer swim, Rex baseball, and some soccer goalkeeper training through the end of July. Right now they wear masks when they aren’t playing (e.g. on the pool deck, on the sidelines, when the coach is talking to them). Then in August when I go back to work he’ll have half day outdoor soccer camp in the morning and virtual camp in the afternoon. He is also playing outside with neighborhood friends, always with a mask unless they are swimming (a neighbor has a pool) or biking. Our rule is only outdoors and he needs to mask or dist
  8. The only computer here goes to work with me. I was thinking of this as a $30 present not a new computer level present. Is there really that huge of a difference? The cousins don’t have it yet either, so we will start with whatever coordinates.
  9. Like two people can sit next to each other and play on the same TV? I only have 1 TV, so something where they could play side by side would be great. What is the difference between realms and a server?
  10. I understood like 7 words in this. Let's say that I wanted my kids to play on Switch and iPad, and since I understand that iPad sucks, I want them to be able to take turns, so sometimes one is on the switch, and one is on the iPad, and sometimes they reverse. Does this mean I need to buy 4 versions? 2 for the switch and 2 for the iPads? And if their cousin wants to join them on a PC she needs to use the Bedrock version? If I get (buy? rent? win? I don't know what get means in this context) a realm, will that give me what I want which is that they can play together, and with othe
  11. I would like to buy Minecraft as an 11th birthday gift for my son, so he can play with his cousin who is moving away. But I have no idea what I need to buy. I'd like to have a "server" so that the kids can play with each other, and invite others in. I'd also like both of my kids to be able to play simultaneously, but I suspect that my 11 year old will play much more than his brother. I think my SIL also plans to let her other kids play. At this point, I have a Switch and a bajillion iPads. I have heard that it's not good on the iPads. Is it good on the Switch? Do I need to bu
  12. There are school systems around us that have kids doing their own testing, and they say it's PCR. I would assume that means it's not "tickle your brain". I have a friend who teaches kids with ID at a school that requires testing every two weeks, with nurses coming in to do the testing, and they have no problems with getting the kids to do it, which makes me think that they are using nasal swabs that don't go as far. When I've been tested, it's always been PCR and there has been a pretty big variation in how invasive they've been. I'd look pretty hard for a provider that is gentler
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