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  1. I had no idea people went SEA kayaking. Rivers, lakes, ect... The SEA?!
  2. I had no idea people went SEA kayaking. Rivers, lakes, ect... The SEA?!
  3. I'm here. I'm ok. Thanks for asking. It was a bittersweet day for me. Not super chatty bc I'm not feeling so great. Still feeling ick all over and nauseous.
  4. I have friends in the area who are nurses, drs, ect so their opinions mean more to me than most. I tend to ask the typical questions of what to expect before, during, and after surgery. I also Google to see what their reputation is. I want to know how often/many of this exact surgery they do and how many were unsuccessful. I don't want a dr to beat around the bush or sugar-coat things, I value a straight shooter. Just give me the facts. I could care less if the dr is the biggest butt on the planet if they are known for being one of the best at their job.
  5. Of course! You said you needed help temporarily and I am Servie, after all. 😁 We woke up to lots of white fluffy stuff outside and 20°. It was just in the 70s last week. Such weird weather this year. Going through winter outerwear today because I think Oldest and Middle will need new coats.
  6. EdPo: Does anyone know if Crash Course History on YouTube is Christian or Secular?
  7. Are we listing the most recent 12 or most frequently used 12? Mine shows most recent.
  8. I'm sad and I'm just now realizing this is why I'm cooking all the foods labeled "comfort" these days. I'll be better next week, though. No need to worry.
  9. Now that I see your "littles" are older than Oldest, this makes more sense. 😂
  10. Technology PO? I am trying to do something and I know there has to be an efficient way to do it but it's just not coming to mind. I have pics of the covers of each book on our historical literature list. How do I format them all to the same size and print them all the same size? I want to cut them out and place them on a timeline along with all the events we're studying to give Oldest an idea of what each time period was like in a more visual way since he's already read the majority of the books before we've gotten that far in history.
  11. As in school's done for the day?! Wow! I am not that efficient. 😂
  12. I know this is your favorite day of the week but I fail to understand why. Hmmm... 💡 Aha! Now that I think about it, maybe it's because it's a brand new week with a fresh start after the much needed weekend to recharge and regroup. 🎉
  13. Good point. Never thought of it that way. I remember my senior year it seemed like all the incoming freshman were so much bigger than us.
  14. I've seriously wondered over the years if this is a side effect of our food supply being tampered with via hormones, chemicals, and such. The generations younger than me are just so much BIGGER! I'm not talking weight, either. They're TALL... like GIANTS!
  15. I was not aware of this rule. I'm just used to seeing you on here for at least a little while each day. I can't play Ask Slachie when you're MIA!
  16. Churched, lunched, and now Middle and Newbie have teamed up to keep me from getting anything done.
  17. I'm glad they didn't. We were seriously rationing our last roll. I believe if everyone would just be honest and take only what they need, there would be enough to go around.
  18. This is actually how we got a roll of TP during the first shortage. DH was in line behind someone who tried to play that game using his son. Cashier said nope and handed the extra to the next person in line who just happened to be DH. This was when you could only buy 1 roll (not package) at a time.
  19. Don't they realize what a hot commodity TP is?! You'll need it when Covid causes everyone to go nuts hoarding it all again
  20. I remember feeling this way about TO (true oldest). Enjoy it. Now, more than ever, I realize just how quickly it goes by.
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